Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Bible List

I've been honoured enough to receive no less than three awards recently! I'm really flattered, I never expected to be someone's favourite when I started out...though it's nice to think it happens. :D

Sayraphim and TuscanRoad both awarded me "one Lovely Blog Award", and Joan awarded me the fabulous blog award!

Part of the rules for receiving these awards is that I link to a certain number of blogs- if I added them up it would quite the list! So I've settled on 20 places I go for inspiration- these are the core places that really make me squirm for the wonderfulness they are. They're not all blogs, some are websites and some are online shops, but they are all absolute wells of inspiration to me. I guess you could call this my Bible list- when things look a bit bleak or boring or hopeless, and I don't know where to turn or what I'm doing with myself, I turn to these people. The internet wouldn't be the same without them.

In no order of importance:


1. Gibbous Fashions

2. J. Morgan Puett

3. India Flint

4. Keith Lo Bue

5. Skingraft


1. yyellowbird

2. bruce baycroft

3. moggierocket

4. daily poetics (especially the collage set)

5. katiachausheva


1. photoshop disasters

2. red velvet

3. forestbound

4. Amy Hanna (I cry with jealousy at her trinkets!)

5. The Cart Before the Horse

:::Etsy shops:::

1. Black Spot Books

2. Rackk and Ruin

3. Fanciful Devices

4. masaoms

5. Desert Talismans

So there you go. I'm sorry for the absence on my part lately, I've been all kinds of distracted and thinky. I'm almost finished with future tribal I think, I'm nearly ready to take the core elements and move on to my next theme. I had 'organised' (as much as you can tell the muse what to do) for it to be a kind of Victorian Momento Mori kind of thing with much black and cobblestone blue...but I watched all 3 pirate movies in a row the other day, and now I'm rather immersed in the whole 'decayed 18th century with a touch of tribal' vibe.

I wonder what it will be? Dickens memori, or Dickens pirate? Maybe both! In space. In the furture. With post-apoc steampunks.

I think I'm just hell bent on making myself impossible to market. :D


Paper Relics said...

wow, thanks for all these wonderful links.

Chrisy said... many good little time...that memori pic is stunning...