Wednesday, December 2, 2009


It was my intention to get out on the back proch today and experiment with melty, stinky, paint, plastic and fire things today, but it was too hot- and I'd been without my epilepsy medication (which doubles as my depression/anxiety med) for 2 days, just generally not feeling centred.

I worked on some faery stuff and tinkered around with this necklace- I'm trying to get more and more messy, everytime I feel myself tucking under a hem or trying to hide my stitch joins, I disallow it.

Preciousness and perfection are at odds in my work- I talk about tarnished surfaces, age-stained lace and mended tears, yet I always make an effort to have all the jump rings match, or the hems folded under. I'm avoiding that now. I want the cobbled together mess of something that has been stitched together piece by picked up piece, like a 19th century bowerbird.

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