Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sibella Court- Etc

I've been meaning to get around to this for a while now- I bought myself the Sibella Court book for Christmas as a reward for an extremely well done year.

My scanner is still at the old house so these are just photos I took of the book laying open. I did the best I could, I just really needed to share with you the wonderfulness of the images therein.

Some of the still lives are amazing in that they could have easily been shot at my house- even some of the objects shown I thought 'I have one of those!'. The top image above reminds me of a school camp I went on when I was about 9- they had a 'nature' room that was shelves and shelves of animals in jars, taxidermy, butterfly boxes, bones, stones and shells...I remember being hooked on it and deciding I wanted one of my own! I think that's where nature collecting began for me. Sadly these things don't last forever and it's all gone, though I do still have a crow's skull I found when I was 15.

It's not all muddy low saturation- there is a whole section on brightly coloured ethnic textiles, something I was just starting to re-discover my love for when I bought the book.

The two images above are my heart racers. The colours, textures, tones, materials are all exactly what I want in my perfect jewellery. When I make a necklace that echoes this page, I'll know I'm where I want to be. For the time being! (A true artist is never satisfied.)

So there you are! I highly recommend going out and finding this one.

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