Monday, May 3, 2010

The Fraggle Rainbow

Experiments with dyes that I had stored- never intended to use because OH those colours!- turned out to be so much fun that I had more trouble than usual going to bed. 2am found me rubber gloved in the freezing cold laundry, rinsing out purple and orange and green and all in between.

I wanted them to be a teeny bit darker than this, but they'll still work with what I'm going for right now. To being with on my new path I'm starting with really saturated colour, knowing that I'll relax into more woody/mossty shades as I get comfortable with new techniques. I'm working with what I call The Fraggle Rainbow.

I watched The Dark Crystal the other night for the first time in years and years, and I never noticed before how colourful it is! The Garthim were a deep metallic magenta, the Skesis were draped in all sorts of rich colours, dripping with jewels.

It's funny that all these years I've remembered it as a very bleak, brown-grey-black film, when it's not at all. it's pretty much the same colours as Fraggle Rock. And The Muppet movie. And sesame street. Maybe I should call it the Henson rainbow!

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