Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mermaid stone

the mermaid stone - textile necklace with amethyst crystal

The people of Orran have two things in plenty in their area- fish and amethyst crystal, which they call mermaid stone. The amethyst is sacred to the people of Orran, and to wear a piece invokes the protection of the sea. It is also rumoured to steady the legs providing protection against stormy waters- and drunkenness!

The People of Orran believe there were once a race of pale mountain-dwelling creatures that ate the amethysts, despite being told not to by the gods. When they continued to do so, the gods turned them into fish and threw them into the sea, preventing them from reaching any more. however the change didn't quite work, and they were transformed into mermaids.

Any Orran fisherman who wants a good catch will throw a piece of amethyst into the water, and in return the mermaids will guide the fish into the net.

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