Saturday, May 8, 2010


I completely forgot to come back and tell you last night, I made a Treasury West- inspired by one of my all time favourite films, the Dark Crystal.

It was purely by chance that I scored one, I just happened to go to the craftopolis site to check out their new features, figured I'd check the treasury clock- there was the arrow in the red, so I went for it. It's not had very many views, and I think the biggest reason is that we're all so in love with Treasury East now. It's easy to see why- it loads much more quickly, it's easy to make your own without waiting for a precious half-second of availability, your alternatives don't have to sit in the dark and you get a 3 tile preview of what the treasury holds so there's no waiting an eternity for the thing to load only to find out it's filled with your least favourite colour! I'm hoping they add search-ability and limit the amount of treasury a person can have in a week, and then remove all the other treasury sites.

I've been working with my newly re-discovered colours the last couple of days- and true to my expectation things are turning out much more mellow than I had first designed, but that's all good- all part of following the muse instead of dragging her behind me. I have now relented that no, I can't read star-maps and yes, she is the muse not me, so yes naturally she should be in charge. Things are much smoother now. Sometimes you just have to let them have their way. :)

I love the muted rainbow of colours in the top cuff, adding brown to the mix brings things right down to earth. The pink and yellow one was one of those 'close your eyes and hold your breath' moments. The muse said pink and yellow, I balked and worried about retina burn, but the washed out colours I came up with are very easy on the eye. The white one in this lot won't be white for long, it's part of an experiment that I'll tell you more about later.

This crochet-wrapped amethyst crystal is also part of an experiment, one involving a lot more work than my pieces usually contain (which means they'll be more expensive, which frightens me a little!) but which is yielding lovely results.

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