Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shop update and treasury- Lost in the Woods

The song traders of Pit'tawae were an unusual race of nomadic people who originally lived long ago in the steep-sided valley of the same name in the West.

Traditionally the Pit'tawae literally sung for their supper, travelling the countryside trading food and lodgings by singing stories. The children of the tribe would sing in trade for small objects of fancy- like magpies they collected feathers, interesting stones, shells and beads in return for a tune.

There is still saying in the county of Battlewater (though no one know why only there) that states 'better to hear a pit'tawae child than the pain of a stone in your shoe' - which is a round-about way of saying 'give away that which troubles you'.


And that's the last update in the shop before it closes! I've also made another treasury- this time in Tmain - I just happened to stroll in at the right time!

It echoes the colours I'm feeling at the moment, and the hopes I have that the elements of that little green island I'm off to in 2 days will fill my spiritual cup with magic.

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