Thursday, May 20, 2010

shop update- Hoard

hoard - scrap doily brooch with citrine crystal and heavy beaded detail

One of the most enduring legends among Lemparthains is that of Mother Sequoia, leader of an extraordinary race of female warrior giants who once lived in great numbers in the Amatroon valley.

Legend tells that Mother Sequoia was a highly skilled raider, and accumulated a great hoard of valuable treasure in her pillaging years. She spent not a single coin- but instead kept it in a vast chamber hidden deep in the labyrinthine maze of old mines under High mountain.

The legend goes on to say the treasure is guarded by a 5000 year old dragon called Solgrah the Eternal. Her teeth are said to be so like citrine points that the Nu'ut people call her 'sun eater' and say that if the Seqoia treasure is ever found, Solgrah will come out from the mountain and cover the land in darkness.

It should be noted that no evidence of this dragon has never been seen save for oral tradition, and though many have searched for the treasure (mostly people who hold Dwarven myth in low regard) , it also remains unfound. The high mountain has recently been discovered to hold a long-extinct volcano, and it is thought the legend may have come from the eruptions of long ago, when clouds of ash would explain the seeming loss of the sun in daylight hours. The mountain ranges also holds an extraordinary rainbow of crystal varieties (including citrine), which may account for the treasure aspect of the tale. Amatroon giants are now extinct, and they left no written accounts behind.

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