Friday, October 4, 2013

Awayness Approaching

 Just so you know, Mz.Devices...I am selling the things i collect and am not a hoarder so there. Actually that was one of the reasons why I showed the old photos, it's one of the few things I buy with a purpose of keeping them. Sometimes. It's what makes me ideal for being a vintage dealer really, because I don't get attached to all the spectacular things I find. Although I do have this black glass buckle I recently scored... Is that watermark up there more subtle?

 Look at these buckles...medieval! I forgot to tell you chaps last time that I'm going away for a couple of weeks to the Misty Mountain Retreat - aka my friend's house. For some RnR and a little bit of (gasp!) socializing. yeah, other people! Weird.

 Due to the awayness of my being away, Fagin's will be on vacation as of Monday lunchtime, which is my time- so about Sunday after dinner for you. It'll be back up around the 22nd of October.

I'll probably still blog while I'm away because hobbit have wi-fi (well all the hobbits I know anyway) and I wanna do some photography n whatnot. I just wanted to give you a heads up in case there's something you've been meaning to get.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Old Folks

Since I'm always showing you pretty pictures of things I want you to buy, I figured it was a bout time I showed you pretty pictures of things you can't buy! I never used to be a collector of things but in the last few months I've found myself buying things for the shop and then deciding I might like to keep it, if only for a while. Most stock for the shop gets sorted, bagged and boxed till it comes time to 'shoot n list', but some stuff just sits around so I can enjoy it. This post is all about the antique photographs I have sprinkled around the room. Long gone people from other countries; there really isn't anything particular I look for when collecting- sharply focused eyes is nice, but usually there's just something about them. It's more noticeable in some than others.

Let's start with these 3 pairs - these came today as part of a lot (from this great shop), which I only bought for one photo (you'll see that later) I bought specifically for my brother who collects antique photographs as well, focusing mainly on bearded men. Anyway- these look to be photo booth cards but it doesn't seem photo booths were in wide use until the 1920s (though they did have them beforehand). I suppose they were swapped among girlfriends, perhaps this size was intended for lockets as they're only stamp sized.

 This one's my favourite. She's had enough of your shit!

 Here's the girl who's actually the frame in my layered backgrounds on Fagin's.

I love her! She seems like a nice, fun person. The back is sweet too: 

Back in the days when a photo of yourself was a perfectly good Xmas present.

 An elegant lady from the 1920s.

 She has a kind and graceful face.

 These sisters (I suppose) I love for no good reason other than it's a lovely shot and they have great dresses. I like to think that odd hand gesture on the table is some kind of secret code.

 Here's the photo I bought for my brother:

He collects pictures of manly men and I thought this one was especially nice, the close friendship and cigars. A lot of people nowadays see this and think 'omg gays!' but back in the late 19th century it was common for men to be closely affectionate with each other as girls are today.

I like to think they were out on the town, a bit drunk when one of them had the idea to 'get their picture took'. I might have to get a better shot of these boys and submit them to My Daguerreotype Boyfriend. (which is a great site I highly recommend.)

 Here's one I don't think I'll be able to sell any time soon- she's hilarious! In a congenial way, of course.

They told me to keep still and I kept still!

Her's a 'nice old lady'. Something familar about her face to me, and I love the detail of her dress and jewelry. I had this one as far as making the listing, but I changed my mind.


 Lovely girl in a stripey dress with a memorial brooch - she reminds me of a young McGonagall. This photo is only about the size of a postage stamp.
 A lovely 1920s girl who seems nice enough, but the longer you look at her face, the more annoyed she gets! Some people just don't like to be stared at I guess.

Here's the best for last! 
 Apart from looking like the Muggle Malfoy cousin no one ever talks about... check out the length of his neck!