Friday, July 25, 2014

Sparrow Salvage Shop Update - tiny trinkets



Elizabeth Reeves said...

Such pretty trinkets! I'm happy you're working on a website. That would be an upgrade to your Etsy shop, and you won't have to share your profits to a third party or a middleperson. Plus, you can get more people to buy your trinkets this way. Also, you can further increase your audience by setting up social media accounts, and making sure you show up in Google searches. Good luck to your website and future activities!

Elizabeth Reeves @ TF Enterprises

Louise said...

Hello from the U.S. I am following your blog, I'm not sure how I found you but perhaps via your Etsy store. I make jewelry and teach classes. I also have an Etsy store wherein I sell mostly vintage from my own collection (or inherited pieces). I do admire your jewelry, but if you don't enjoy creating then I understand setting it aside. In theory, it takes up less space than housewares, but then it's easy to collect lots! I'm looking forward to seeing your web site!