Sunday, October 9, 2016

Drop In Dropout

Quick drop-in post! I'm working on getting some more business stuff done, but this is just a quick one for the old-school crew. 

So briefly - Sparrow Salvage now has listings in it again! But don’t get excited - I haven’t gone back to jewelry. I’ve changed the path for the shop; now it’s called Sparrow Salvage Studio and it’s a focus for a large destash project. Now that I am 100% sure I will no longer return to jewelry as it was in that form, I want to put Sparrow Salvage in the past with gratitude and move on with a clean studio, ready for new ideas that are waiting to come in. So there is a lot of stuff to come!

 Right now there’s mostly doily brooch kits as you see above; these come with a bunch of hand-dyed doily rounds, an antique button, felt backing and a bar pin - all you need is a needle and thread. Because this is a destash, this 'kit' is just supplies - like all the kits to come, nothing has a tutorial attached though if you need help figuring anything out you're always welcome to ask. Tutorials sell well but they take an enormous amount of time and I want this all done as soon as possible. so we're keepin' it simple.

After the doilies are listed (only a few more to go) I'll list the next wave of stuff, which is earring ‘soups’.

These are pairs of charms, beads and connectors and every pack has the potential to make at least 3 pairs of earrings; more if your designs are simple ones. All the beads are vintage and there are charms and bits, all either salvaged, handmade by me and from other artisans I bought from over the years. The one above has hammered hoops and sticks, 1930s faceted glass beads, tiny Czech and Swarovskis, 1920s metal connectors, Hmong tribal charms and 1980s capiz shell focals.

After I’ve got a fair few of those up, I’ll be continuing on with kits for textile necklaces, assemblage necklaces and cuffs, as well as just general lots of scrappy stuff, found objects, collector's beads etc. Some of you might remember the kits I once listed in Sparrow Salvage, these new ones are even better!

I'll be announcing every new round of listing on my Instagram - I might do them in big lumps, I might do them every day, depending on how my brain wants to utilise it's time (like I have any say in it!) You can follow me over there if you want to know as soon as anything lands! I'll be using Shop Updates as well so if you don't have Instagram you've still got a good chance of knowing when things land.


Mrs. A. said...

Look forward to see what your shop is morphing into, Penny! Press on!!

Blackfeatherfarm said...

I am sad to see you move away from your signature jewelry, I always, loved it.But one must feed the passions and sometimes they blaze a new trail you hadn't even planned on, glad you are doing well.