Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Daily Inspiration

on Etsy

I love this technique of setting images behind glass bubbles, and the monochrome of this design coupled with the antique patina of the finish is just beautiful.

Today also holds inspiration in a big pot of chocolate brown dye- it's always a mystery and a surprise how things will come out.

Chapter One, Page One...

:::Work in Progress:::

And so it begins.

I have a few other journals around, but they've all become everyday rants on life and geekery. I wanted something more art-specific, more pure. Some place where I can bring my clients and customers and not frighten them away with crazy ideas about re-arranging the loungeroom at 2am. So this is it.

It is hoped that every day there will be a post on something or someone inspiring, and once a week a post on a finished piece. There will be words too, stories and thoughts and ideas and theories. Stay a while, have some cake...