Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jumping Through (productive) Hoops

Thanks you guys! What a great response to all that drivel in my last post. I am going with Moo for those of you who offered the suggestion, I've had cards from them before and I cannot resist their silky slick sexiness. Luxury cards! I'm still mulling over what I'll use image wise, but fear not you will be kept updated. 

Big Pink Hoops -  large handmade rustic earring findings - hammered reclaimed metal - sparrow salvage studio - 1 pair

large handmade hoop findings - hammered reclaimed metal - earring supply - sparrow salvage studio - 1 pair

(click the pics to go to the listing)

Here's some big ass hoops. Not hoops for your ass, hoops for your ears. We say 'arse' in Australia. They're up in the Sparrow Salvage shop because I'm taking a big break from jewelry (as if that wasn't obvious, miss haven't made anything new for like 2 months) and concentrating on getting down my stash of both vintage/antique things, beads I'll never use (even if I do go back to makies) and all these little handmade bits n bobs that people will no doubt find useful. 

large handmade hoop findings - hammered reclaimed orange metal - earring supply - sparrow salvage studio - 1 pair

handmade vintage tin drops- artisan made findings - green drops - rustic reclaimed metal

 These are cool- I cut them from tin which I painted, and the rust came though, then I heated one to see what that would do and it went all dark, but I didn't heat the other one because I can't find my mini blow torch I like them unmatching like this. Non matching. Mis matched. That.

large handmade hoop findings - hammered reclaimed gold tone metal - earring supply - sparrow salvage studio - 1 pair

 I'm working on getting more up- I have some bead soups to come as well as all kinds of bits n pieces which I'll be listing in Fagin's Daughter, so SS will just be about handmade supply. I still like making up these hoops and cluster charms and what-have-you, it's only when I look at it and think 'all I have to do is put a bead on there and a hook on it' that my brain starts throwing things and screaming. I'm not sure what I did to get to the point where the thought of making jewelry makes my brain scream, I suppose not stopping when I first felt I should might be a part of it.

Here's a picture of my new bedroom wall- I've been wanting to hang this collection for ages now, and finally I have the space to do it. From left- 1930s dancing shoes used by my mother during her theatre career, a peach coloured slip belonging to my grandmother, an amazing handmade 1960s pink satin gown with white dotty chiffon overlay- that was my mum's wedding dress (got to find the flower crown that goes with it), big long silver glitter space princess dress from the 1970s that has no family connection (though mum was a fashion model in the 60s so you never know, she might've known the designer!) and a 1930s top which belonged to my grandmother. Oh and a 'straw' boater hat which is actually made of polystyrene, it has a paper band on it that says 'Gay Nineties Music Hall' which was a theatre restaurant back in the 1970s. For some reason I get a huge kick out of 1960s and 1970s Victorian stuff. It's like taking something elegant and classy and throwing a cream pie in it's face.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

since forever

UGH. It's been forever since I posted last! So many things have happened in that time- moved into my new house, lost a fight between my robust optimism and my post-traumatic, tried to break the lease on my new house, hid under the bed(clothes) for 2 weeks, got my moxie back, got my shit together, cancelled the lease break... and now we're back to where I should've been a month ago, almost finished unpacking and keen to get on with life. We hope!

Right at this moment I'm trying to get some business cards together, since I haven't had any printed since forever. Trouble is, it's leading to some serious questions. Do I get ones for all my shops? That's 3 shops, possibly soon to be 4. Should I just get generic ones that represent my style across all the shops? (Don't think it can be done, which leads to further questions about 'what I do'.) 



What sort of jewelry should represent me? Do I even want to DO jewelry any more? Yes. I think. What sort of antiques and vintage should represent those shops? Why do I sell such differing things? Can I make a brand which includes both Victorian haberdashery and 20th century retro? Why are there not enough good thrifts in my town? Where's my private chauffeur in his immaculately kept vintage luxury car?


I'm decorating this post with the images I'm thinking about using for the cards. Oh there's more questions- should I get the 100 card pack? That's not going to last long... 400? That's expensive, but cheaper in the long run than 4 orders of 100... should I get the super fancy cards? Or should I go for postcards instead? 


Postcards are more likely to go up on a wall or kept, and that's a good thing... they are way more expensive though, so I'd need to save for them... Should postcards only be for special purchases? Like more than $100? Or just for the jewelry shops? Or is it a luxury that - like my private chauffeur - is just a nice dream? Is it a waste of money?

What's for dinner? Why am I here? Where did I put the chocolate? How many cups of tea can you have in one day before you should think about maybe feeling a little bit guilty but only for public face because in actual fact you think you should be able to drink as many fucking cups of tea as you like so there? 

And MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL- do you like these photos? Which one's your favourite? Fave 3? Least fave? I can't decide.