Wednesday, December 26, 2012

stepping stones

Oh I'm no good at this bloggin' thing lately! I've been busy you see. December has been a month of making choices- well, initiating choices I made the previous month. A few weeks ago I moved from Hurstbridge to my Dad's house, for various reasons including a need for peace and quiet, to spend time with me Pappa, and perhaps get some volunteering done down at Coal Creek. That's a big maybe, I have to look after myself first and foremost.

Packing things always takes a little longer than it should for me, because I like observing how the things build up in the tin or box, then I take their photo. I never curate what goes in there, but somehow though they always end up complimenting themselves. 

It's made me realise I miss doing found object photography, there's a peace and harmony to taking photos of little things next to other little things. Most evident in the fact that I only took pictures of little things in tins!


Of course, once you pack, sooner or later you gotta unpack.Which is the bit I like the best, because I get to re-discover all the lovely things I have (yeah I pack them for a week and I forget I have them) and lay claim to a room. Nesting is important for peace and contemplation- I'm at a point in my life where I have  A LOT of things to contemplate.

Trinny's taking it easy on the bed while I do all the unpacking. Models are such divas..! She's a bit annoyed at me because I took her picture without her wig on. She don't like it when I do that.

Though I've only been here a few weeks I've already come a long way in terms of peace, both inner and outer. I've planted up a herb garden, discovered the local salvage yard, had a market stall (I plan to have more), established which thrifts are good and which ones aren't worth the walk more than once a week, reorganized Dad's kitchen and made a huge pile of things to take to the junk meet in town next month.All of which have given me a great dose of contentment and satisfaction.

What I haven't done a lot of is make things! My work desk isn't set up properly, and I guess cause it's been about 3 weeks now it's not a priority for me. I'm updating the shop here and there (there's free shipping worldwide in there till December 31st!) but I'm taking the path of patience with that one. It'll come when it's time, I'm in no rush. Which of course means I'll probably be crankin' it out in less than 24 hours!