Sunday, May 5, 2013

earth sun and star

Nebra - Tribal Metal Earrings - Bohemian Copper Sun Disc - Citrine Crystal - Kim Craftsmen findings

Nebra - how awesome are these suns?!  have a few of these, they were made in the 60s by Kim Craftsmen, a costume jeweler from New York who was at the time the largest jewelry manufacturer in the city! I think these suns were destined to be body harnesses or 'bumper guards' as he called them:

Found this here. Really interesting article- you think of costume jewelers as just pandering to the market but this betrays some of them wanted a deeper influence and knew exactly what they were doing.

Hey you guys! Guess what! My house is now finished!! Picture rails up, floors dry, everything mopped, swept and ready for the best part of all - DECORATING. I already have rugs down which makes such an amazing amount of difference, never underestimate the power of a rug. I'll get some photos for you in the next couple of days, when I've finished lugging all my crap over there.

Terra Lumos - romantic assemblage necklace - mother of pearl - Kuchi charms - rhinestone buckle

Terra Lumos - a bit of a 'classic' assemblage style with rhinestones, but I kept the primitive rusticity I like in my stuff with the shells and spikes. Rusticity...what an odd word. Rusti City.

I'm having a sale in the shop! 25% off anything- it has a minimum purchase of $25 though; anything under that is already a bargain as it is. Also it expires on the 12th, so get crackin! Next post, I shall reveal to you a project I've been slaving away on. I don't want to show you till it's proper ready, but I think it's nearly there.

This image has nothing to do with anything, but I noticed some of you like posting a random thing at the end of your entries, so I'm going in. I think my consistent theme will be 'questionable retro'. Although I don't see how anyone could question this- personally it's my idea of an ideal date. Except the cat, me and Siamese don't get on.