Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shop Update - the oracle

The Oracle of Tileth - altered kuchi metal earrings - one of many new designs now available in the shop!

The Oracle of Tileth is a folk hero of the Barrengoli people from the plains of the same name. The Oracle was a traveller who sung songs of the future, prophecies that came to her in dreams, carried she said 'by the moon's tears'. Her record was remarkably strong, accurately predicting the great flood, 3 eruptions of Kuper mountain and the sudden death of Selemek the Unforgiving. In her ageing years she retired amongst the Barrengoli people and became of great help to them in their times of need.


I've been using my original writing to describe listings again- making up little snippets of mythology for a world that exists only in my mind. Being a life-long fan of sci fi and fantasy, I grew up reading Conan, drawing women riding dragons and watching all those amazing fantasy movies from the 70s and 80s that we just don't get any more. Oh no, don't start talking about 'the olden days'!


The cat is still well- eating more than ever- the weather is deeply autumnal and I've made enough jewelry to last the weekend, so I can go clean off my desk and get some paper collage done. I spend a lot of time thinking about that lately, and photography. Always photography. There is a part of me that knows sooner or later I will stop making jewelry and become a full-feathered photographer.

all in rags

I've also had an idea for making prints out of shots of my assemblage work (as above). I have a few works I've not known what to do with- most of them can't be sent overseas as they contain natural items that Mr.Customs doesn't like. They're also likely out of people's price range, so this is an affordable solution, as well as giving more than one person the opportunity to own the same piece.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Coming along quietly

So much to show you chaps lately, I've got about 3 posts in draft! Photos from redecorating, recent acquisitions, finished jewelry, a look at two of grandma's cook books, not to mention my backgrounds tutorial...

And yet all I have for you right now is this pic of work in progress. Well really more 'components in progress'. I've been experimenting with kuchi metalwork and paint, trying to get more space into the space tribal. And getting the tin snips out on anything metal that's within reach. I'm happy so far- and the earrings I'll be updating with tonight are so immensely awesome that I might just show you a sneak peek right now...


Saturday, June 11, 2011

ladies and Gentlemen...pimpin' time

Please welcome- my face!

Accidental lens flare for the win

Yes it's time to show you what I look like, now I have my smashing new glasses.

windy day hair + pjs = the casual look.

And even more exciting for you who know I'm in Australia and will no doubt assume I talk funny- a video to prove it! (Please excuse the lighting, the white balance was being a butt-ache. Also please excuse the yokel face Flickr has used for the image holder.)

I like the 80s War Games-esque green tech-reflection going on here, just pretend I'm in some old school hacking sci fi and I've just realised the machines are self aware. ooh atmosphere...

I might note, my best girls Fanci and Corvid both think I sound much more posh than they imagined. Well I was raised in an English household, but we don't all drawl like Crocodile Dundee! I think I'm going to do more video- studio tours and what-have-you, because it's way too much fun to leave it.

I'll also take this moment to say I've been dusting off my design blog, and will be posting all my magpie shop updates on there- I cleaned up the studio today (see ridiculously sneaky sneak peek above- the rest of the pics tomorrow) - boy oh boy oh bees knees, I gotta lotta stuff I don't need! And my Tumblr gets a work out lately as well, mostly of science fiction-y things, if that is your want. It's certainly mine, I can't think of the last time I enjoyed looking at some Victorian stuff. I think Dickens might be in his grave at last- but that's something we need to leave another post for. Personal revelations, yackitty yack.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shop update - colour comes back

Keldessahn - minimal earrings (for me!) with amazing labradorite beads and vintage chain

Mynshassah - a necklace with amethyst nuggets and random tribal style beads- I'm trying to incorporate more strands of beads in my work, to flesh out where there's usually just chain. I think it gives a more patched together look, which is what I try to shoot for.

Kajal - I love the wobbly red metal parts on these earrings; the purple howlite reminds me of the muppet show for some reason. I think the word 'howlite', it's like some kind of tiny monster.

Orran - the metal on these earrings is cut from an antique tin, in my constant attempt to make my own components. Those amethyst drops have such a deep hue to them.

Lierre - hoop earrings of a ghetto fabulous size! The labradorite stone in this is very mellow, it was a bugger to photograph!

All my updates now are done with my own myths incorporated into the listing where I once had poems or (lately) astrophysics trivia. Apart from running out of stars with cool names, and realising there aren't nearly as many nice sounding nebulas as you might think, I went back to my old thing of using my writing. I've been a closet sci-fantasy writer for years now, but I'm never going to publish a novel. So this is a good way of employing it into my work. What's better, I'm starting to draw again now as I imagine the kind of people that live in my far-into-the-future, post apocalyptic tribal world, the people who inspire my work.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Soldiering On

Good news! Miss Kitty is not as bad as we thought- at least not right now. She does have cancer but she's ill right now because it's infected*, so once she has her anti-biotics she should get another 6 months out of life and still be purrfectly happy. I'd like her tested for diabetes, but to do that we need a urine sample. And brother, that ain't easy!

In the meantime she's almost back to her old self, with the only change being she's much more personable and wants to sit on my lap all the time. Sadly computer desks weren't meant for that, which is a huge gap in the market if you ask me. Whoever invents a desk where a kitty can sit on your lap and you can still reach the keyboard and mouse...they'll make a mint.

In other news, I've been working on a ton of stuff in the studio- apart from the things that went up last night there are 6 more pairs of earrings, a bracelet set and two necklaces ready to roll. I have 3 pots of 'ready to assemble' necklaces, 6 pots of earrings, cuff bases ready to embellish...

sneak peak of the next update

I'm also working on another photography tutorial for you chaps, one that deals with the importance of backgrounds and the difference various surfaces can make. Hooray!

* She had an ultrasound about a month ago to see why she was so they missed a tumour the size of a golf ball I'll never know, and it really pisses me off!

troubled day

Lierre - tribal sci fi oversized hoop earrings with labradorite

Lovestone - tribal sci fi necklace featuring a vintage rose quartz pendant

Shola - cluster charm necklace with reclaimed vintage and black agate

three waters - 3 strand bohemian bracelet with vintage beads

Pesgore trinity - tribal sci fi earrings with labradorite and black onyx


Sad news today, my kitty companion of 14 years is ailing badly. We are waiting for the vet's report on her blood tests, in the mean time she does little but sleep and drink water. She isn't in any pain and she seems happy enough, so we wait, but will do what's best for her. I am as prepared for the inevitable as anyone can be.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three darlings

Kessel Run - hammered metal and thin quartz point dangles, these are my attempt at simplicity. I think this is as minimal as I get!

Andromeda - a bold piece with antique lace and a very sweet collection of sugar-coloured things.

Triple Sun - tribal sci fi necklace with awesome little Victorian buttons; they came to me with a whole bunch of others with their shanks cut off, why would that happen? The only thing I could think of was maybe the rag trade, slicing off the buttons rather than the stitching, but then you'd think they'd do it whole so they could sell the buttons as well.