Saturday, June 11, 2011

ladies and Gentlemen...pimpin' time

Please welcome- my face!

Accidental lens flare for the win

Yes it's time to show you what I look like, now I have my smashing new glasses.

windy day hair + pjs = the casual look.

And even more exciting for you who know I'm in Australia and will no doubt assume I talk funny- a video to prove it! (Please excuse the lighting, the white balance was being a butt-ache. Also please excuse the yokel face Flickr has used for the image holder.)

I like the 80s War Games-esque green tech-reflection going on here, just pretend I'm in some old school hacking sci fi and I've just realised the machines are self aware. ooh atmosphere...

I might note, my best girls Fanci and Corvid both think I sound much more posh than they imagined. Well I was raised in an English household, but we don't all drawl like Crocodile Dundee! I think I'm going to do more video- studio tours and what-have-you, because it's way too much fun to leave it.

I'll also take this moment to say I've been dusting off my design blog, and will be posting all my magpie shop updates on there- I cleaned up the studio today (see ridiculously sneaky sneak peek above- the rest of the pics tomorrow) - boy oh boy oh bees knees, I gotta lotta stuff I don't need! And my Tumblr gets a work out lately as well, mostly of science fiction-y things, if that is your want. It's certainly mine, I can't think of the last time I enjoyed looking at some Victorian stuff. I think Dickens might be in his grave at last- but that's something we need to leave another post for. Personal revelations, yackitty yack.


fanciful devices said...

lookit you all cute w/yr mussed up hair and fancy specs!
nice sneak peak. It's a flippin microscope image! is that a thistle? if its a rock i die.

Corvid Delights said...

Would love to see a future video of your studio sci fi style set to some epic music. Love seeing your pretty mug, and those glasses are so wonderfully big!

Sidereal Day said...

Hi lovely lady! It's nice to put a face to a blog.
The glasses are great. I like that you were so persistent that they brought out an box of frames from the back, who knew they had those back there?

Little Brown Sparrow said...

@fanciful devices It's some kind of fancy well-to-do Christmas bauble, about the size of a lemon, solid glass and far too heavy to be used for jewelry, unfortunately. They look bloody nice perched in a cup though.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

@Corvid DelightsWell I did listen to the Star Trek film score while re-decorating, I should've just recorded that! If you want 5 hours of raw footage, complete with swearing and dust bunnies.

Vintage Green said...

Who knew you were so cute?!!

Deb said...

Oh my girl! You are adorable...Have to say you remind me of my own darling daughter and will love your blog all the more because of it!