Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shop update - colour comes back

Keldessahn - minimal earrings (for me!) with amazing labradorite beads and vintage chain

Mynshassah - a necklace with amethyst nuggets and random tribal style beads- I'm trying to incorporate more strands of beads in my work, to flesh out where there's usually just chain. I think it gives a more patched together look, which is what I try to shoot for.

Kajal - I love the wobbly red metal parts on these earrings; the purple howlite reminds me of the muppet show for some reason. I think the word 'howlite', it's like some kind of tiny monster.

Orran - the metal on these earrings is cut from an antique tin, in my constant attempt to make my own components. Those amethyst drops have such a deep hue to them.

Lierre - hoop earrings of a ghetto fabulous size! The labradorite stone in this is very mellow, it was a bugger to photograph!

All my updates now are done with my own myths incorporated into the listing where I once had poems or (lately) astrophysics trivia. Apart from running out of stars with cool names, and realising there aren't nearly as many nice sounding nebulas as you might think, I went back to my old thing of using my writing. I've been a closet sci-fantasy writer for years now, but I'm never going to publish a novel. So this is a good way of employing it into my work. What's better, I'm starting to draw again now as I imagine the kind of people that live in my far-into-the-future, post apocalyptic tribal world, the people who inspire my work.

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stregata said...

Gorgeous new pieces - those Keldessahn earrings are simply beautiful!