Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shop Update - the oracle

The Oracle of Tileth - altered kuchi metal earrings - one of many new designs now available in the shop!

The Oracle of Tileth is a folk hero of the Barrengoli people from the plains of the same name. The Oracle was a traveller who sung songs of the future, prophecies that came to her in dreams, carried she said 'by the moon's tears'. Her record was remarkably strong, accurately predicting the great flood, 3 eruptions of Kuper mountain and the sudden death of Selemek the Unforgiving. In her ageing years she retired amongst the Barrengoli people and became of great help to them in their times of need.


I've been using my original writing to describe listings again- making up little snippets of mythology for a world that exists only in my mind. Being a life-long fan of sci fi and fantasy, I grew up reading Conan, drawing women riding dragons and watching all those amazing fantasy movies from the 70s and 80s that we just don't get any more. Oh no, don't start talking about 'the olden days'!


The cat is still well- eating more than ever- the weather is deeply autumnal and I've made enough jewelry to last the weekend, so I can go clean off my desk and get some paper collage done. I spend a lot of time thinking about that lately, and photography. Always photography. There is a part of me that knows sooner or later I will stop making jewelry and become a full-feathered photographer.

all in rags

I've also had an idea for making prints out of shots of my assemblage work (as above). I have a few works I've not known what to do with- most of them can't be sent overseas as they contain natural items that Mr.Customs doesn't like. They're also likely out of people's price range, so this is an affordable solution, as well as giving more than one person the opportunity to own the same piece.


fanciful devices said...

YES!!! Do it, these are amazing!

stregata said...

'all in rags' has left me breathless...

hapi said...

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Little Brown Sparrow said...


Thanks for the link Hapi, you might have noticed I did an SEO tutorial a while back:

though I'm reluctant to link to it as I rather think the whole thing is a load of cobblers if you're an artisan maker. Sure it might help people who make standard product and need to stand out, but I've found in my experience and through talking to others that the best thing you can do for your online store is to be as unique as you want, and that will serve just as well. I know lots of people who sell hand over fist and don't pay SEO any mind at all.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

And I was so reluctant I didn't even link to it!

It's more about presenting a good shop than anything else, but yes- I still believe it to be highly optional.

Annette F Tait said...

beautiful work!
LOVE your sea storm photo in your etsy shop :)
and I grew up in Australia and loved Conan - read every book of his, Robert E Howard! and collected the comics too! still have some.
did you ever see the movie Hearts and Armour with Ron Moss and Tanya Roberts in it? you would have liked it I reckon
best wishes