Monday, June 6, 2011

troubled day

Lierre - tribal sci fi oversized hoop earrings with labradorite

Lovestone - tribal sci fi necklace featuring a vintage rose quartz pendant

Shola - cluster charm necklace with reclaimed vintage and black agate

three waters - 3 strand bohemian bracelet with vintage beads

Pesgore trinity - tribal sci fi earrings with labradorite and black onyx


Sad news today, my kitty companion of 14 years is ailing badly. We are waiting for the vet's report on her blood tests, in the mean time she does little but sleep and drink water. She isn't in any pain and she seems happy enough, so we wait, but will do what's best for her. I am as prepared for the inevitable as anyone can be.


Jackie said...

I love the pieces you've created, so awesome!

I can relate to your sadness, my little old lady Siamese will "celebrate" her sweet 16 birthday in July. She too does little but sleep and drink, although she can't seem to get enough to eat but is skin and bones. It's so sad when we lose our furry children. HUGS to you!
...Jackie ox

fanciful devices said...

These are so lovely. as for your kitty, give him lots of pets and cuddles while you still can. If he lets you. Old cats can be funny like that.

stregata said...

Sorry to hear your kitty isn't well - hoping that the vet will be able to restore life's quality. Sending love for both of you.