Monday, March 28, 2011


Somebody out there somewhere gave me some kind of blog award (hey I'm good at this remembering thing huh?!) and though I can't remember who it was or find the convo it came in- I DO remember there was supposed to be 7 things about me, so here's some things about me I probably haven't told you yet.

1. I don't 'do' beauty routines. French manicures, hair products, skin care, stiletto heels, perfume, expensive lingerie...not interested. My hair regime involves washing it every second day. That's it! I don't even remember the last time I regularly 'did' my hair. All perfumes make me gag- which is okay, because apparently no matter what I do I naturally smell like roses. Please don't think I'm a total mess- I do look after myself, I'm just cursed with clear skin and a disregard for social expectations. I do wear make-up sometimes, most of the reason I don't is because I forget it exists! I can't imagine what it's like being one of those girls who worries about chipping a nail, or laddering her tights, or her hair coming undone in the wind or spends an hour every morning in front of the mirror. Having said all of that- I wish I wasn't so lazy/forgetful so I could dress like a 1940s wartime girl.

2. I am a huge Top gear fan- so huge I went to the live show, though it was frightening and overly yobbish. I am that rare creature that enjoys the show for the thoroughly British comedy and the James May; I have little interest in all that tearing about in souped-up cars. Although there were some super-cute Porsches and a white Lamborghini that was very nice, but I wasn't allowed to touch it. Also I sat in THE Delorean. My all-time favourite movie car.

3. The first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a butcher, because I liked bones and I'd get free salami when I went there. Then someone told me you have to cut up animals, so that was that. Then I saw an old war movie and wanted to fly spitfires, but 'they don't have those any more honey' so that was out. Then Indiana Jones came out and I wanted to be an archaeologist. Then I learned you'd have to study the Romans, whom I have an inexplicable hatred for. So I went for animator, but the animating was tedious. Eventually I landed on artist because it enabled me to take what I liked from those jobs and use it in creative projects. And then have art openings and get free salami.

4. I have no interest what-so-ever in going to Paris. I don't understand the whole romantic fantasy thing that people have with French stuff- I find Russian and Spanish much more sexy as languages and I'd rather holiday somewhere interesting and slightly creepy like Transylvania or Prague.

5. I have epilepsy- it's a rare variant that gives me seizures in my sleep. It's well contained, but sometimes I have weird 'wake up sweating' nightmares that are just nonsense. For this reason I cannot read/watch/subject myself to any kind of Alice in Wonderland stuff. Anything that makes no sense just fucks with my brain too much. The Mighty Boosh! Love them, they hurt my brain. I'm not an overly logical person- if you can logically prove why sausage should be a day of the week, my head will not hurt. UGH that hurts to think about- quick someone give me some logic!

6. I play acoustic steel-string guitar for a hobby- I know about 8 chords (gets me through most folk songs), I have trouble changing from G to C and I never sing in front of anyone, despite that I'm quite good. I just learned Wayfarin' Stranger.

7. To the contrary of almost everyone else in my field, I don't think the past was that cracking, and I'm thoroughly glad I was born here in the modern world where we have sanitation, electricity, freedom to vote and don't get arrested for baring our legs in public. I can't imagine anything worse that having to deal with tempertures above 15 degrees Celsius wrapped head-to-foot in 19th century clothes. Id have to be a hooker just to be allowed to wear nothing but basic underthings. Sometimes though I do like to pretend it's the 1940s- but only for an afternoon, and then I'm going to need internet and TV.

So there ya go.

The interesting thing about this is that I realised while doing it that there are huge parts of my life that I don't share with you, because this is my 'art' blog. I'd like to change that. One of the reasons I don't blog as much as I should is because I often have trouble coming up with things to say. But if I just tell you all the mundane crap rich woven threads of my creative journey, it'll be alot easier!

There might possibly well be definitely will be swearing. I do that alot. Like a sailor. Fact #8!

(pictures are just random things on the work table right now- couldn't have a naked post!)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

International Code Flag K

Fire & Ice - salvage earrings - tribal style - kyanite spears

old fashioned - salvage necklace - moonstone chips - butterfly pendant

traveller - salvage coin earrings - found object gypsy

quiet breathing - salvage wrist cuff - vintage textiles - antique buttons

rusted vanity - salvage metal earrings - peacock tail charms

Change - Victorian tribal necklace - salvaged vintage - Buddha pendant


And more to come...the spark has returned.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Silent Sparrow


Gray stones

Heaven and Earth

I have been remiss in my blogging duties- I do apologise. I am very much internal at the present, riding a rollercoaster of emotions, breaking comfort zones, taking apart antiques. I'm still here. Still fighting.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Inspired internet

Incredible as it may seem, this photo of a kindly old soul came from a Victorian photo album found in a bin last year in the UK. the full story is here (tiny warning, some of these people are massive creepy and there is some talk that many of these shots are post-mortem.)

This kind of thing breaks my heart though, how can people just throw something like that away!? Forget 'how can you not be interested','s 150 years old!!!

I don't know if any of my readers can tell me different, but there seems to be a real ambivalence toward the 19th century in the UK. I see so many shows where people poo-poo the Victorian period as 'rubbish' and will chuck things in a skip as soon as look at it. Apparently the charity donation rate is criminally low- and seriously how many times have I heard someone on Antiques Roadshow say 'oh i found it in a skip/the wife threw it out/i work at a tip and found it there.'

When I become president of the world, throwing out anything over 100 years old is immediately illegal.