Monday, February 27, 2012

At home with the Georgians

This starts on Monday - I'm very excited! I love the Georgians, even more than the Victorians. If someone put a gun to my head and forced me to go back in time, I'd go to about 1912. But I still love the Georgians.

Friday, February 24, 2012

phoenix flight

Sorry about the lack of blogging, every time I try to post I end up bleating on like it's some kind of free therapy session. As we all know, that's what Livejournal is for- blogger is for pretty things and the occasional lols.

Look, shiny! That's some new work, of which I have a relatively small amount considering how much free time I have right now. And now what news is this!? I'll be re-opening Sparrow Salvage and Fagin's Daughter as of tomorrow! Hooray!

I've changed my blog and shop banners, I felt like a wee make-over given the circumstances. Some of you will rejoice to hear I'm returning a little to my previous styles, though in a new colour scheme. I want to bring some of the antique elegance back to my shop and combine it with the raw pieces recently made. I've really missed not having the shops, and though my postage will be sparse (once a week only) that should clear up in about a month and we can return to our regularly scheduled program. I hope to re-open my art shop in a few weeks too, I've been wanting to do some more work in that line recently, and offer some new photographic prints.

jewels for fagin - new listings coming soon

Thank you so much to everyone who left a comment on my previous post- and to those of you who have sent me Etsy convos and emails, wishing me well, praying, encouraging the healing process and generally being supportive. It has meant so much to me. Thank you. I am not exactly a whole person again but I'm getting stronger every day; right now I have the average vitality of your typical 80 year old, but that's an 80 year old who can now walk to the shops and cook her own dinner! Although I can't carry anything and need to make sure dinner won't take longer than 20 minutes... it's still something. OH how I have missed cooking my own dinner. Life is in the details.