Sunday, May 6, 2012

Return of Fagin's Daughter


Fagin's Daughter is open for business again! The jewelry shop will remain closed for another week or so while I concentrate on getting some seriously good supply into fagin's (girl's gotta make a living!) and whittling down my stash. Art is bubbling in my mind but I want to give Sparrow Salvage something of a make over before she opens again. In the meantime enjoy shopping for antiques and vintage supply, with the added bonus of 25% off! Just add MOUNTAINLOVE as the coupon to claim the discount. (edit: sale is over!) I'll return sometime soon with some pictures of my amazing new locale, I'm almost completely unpacked and settled in, already sleeping better and feeling much more relaxed. The mix of mountain air, woodsmoke and homemade chicken soup is likely the primary factor.