My Photography

This is something of a portfolio - a 'best of' if you will, of my photography through the years. I've been doing photography since the early 90s, stopped in the late 90s because I couldn't afford to build a darkroom and took it up again in 2005 when I finally bought a digital camera. Since then, photography has remained one of my keenest passions and the thing I go back to again and again. My blog is full of my (I hope beautiful) images, but these I think are the best ones.

I'll keep adding to this as I go. For more of my work you can visit my Flickr page.

natural specimen collection - wonder cabinet photography

country Austrlia museum - rural heritage
Barber shop building - Coal Creek museum, Korumburra Victoria

rural museum photography - Australian heritage
Antique Chemist shop display, Coal Creek museum; Korumburra Victoria

Rural heritage photography in country Australia
Antique wool baling machine - Coal Creek Museum, Korumburra Victoria

Penelope Neil photography - Sparrow Salvage blog
 A wrecked caravan on a rural property in country Australia

Penelope Neil photography - Sparrow Salvage blog
Vintage Valiant Safari - parked next to us on holiday in Castlemaine, Victoria.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, here's the thing. Of course your photos are fab - but I'm used to product photography (I do some, not as well) so it is Standard Operating Procedure for me. But your "place" photos! They grabbed me, they made me really look. I've probably passed buildings or vignettes like that - and paid no attention, or my eye just slid past, or something. Your Tobacconist shop, your chemist shop, your baling machine - now I can SEE these! And they're beautiful, in their own unique way.

That's a gift, that's pretty wonderful. Thank you!