Friday, November 23, 2012

Junk n stuff

New ponies in the stables...

Self Reliance - vintage textile wrist cuff - vintage lace - antique buttons - quartz crystal

dusted moon - ragged doily brooch - vintage hand dyed crochet - antique button

Got a bit fancy with the composition there.

Gentle Hunter - cluster charm necklace - bone beads - romantic tribal sci fi

Lookit! This is maybe the 3rd time I've dared to use a bead wire and crimps. When this one sells I'll probably have some kind of panic attack in fear of them breaking and the buyer hating me forever.  The first time I took up jewelry I strung a necklace and then just as I was adding the last crimp, the whole thing broke and beads went everywhere and I swore a lot and didn't pick it up again for 8 years. See I was reading something or talking to someone not long ago, and it turns out you need special pliers to set the crimps! I KNOW! I was just squashing them with the regular pliers.

Bear Clan - mismatched artisan earrings - antique bone - ancient glass - driftwood - shoulder dusters

My therapist called me 'hyper-responsible' the other day. I initially thought it was a compliment (and it is in a way) but he was trying to point out how I think everything around me is my job, even if it isn't. And I can find ways to make something my fault or my responsibility, it's like I'm constantly expecting people to say 'look! Look at that! That's your fault, why don't you do something about it?'

cradle of life - romantic rustic earrings - vintage metal bone and Czech glass - primitive artisan jewelry

Which is very tiring. Because not only do I try to do everyone else's job, but I actively look for things to take responsibility for, and that includes the people I live with- who are perfectly capable of looking after themselves. Oddly enough when it comes to my own needs, I tend to ignore them constantly. Other people always come first. I'll be fine- I'll deal with it, I'm flexible, I'm water.

Nazca - rustic artisan earrings - reclaimed brass - quartz crystal - Tibetan mala

When I do take time to look at myself, it's critical. Making note of what I do wrong rather than what's going right. I feel the compulsive need to push myself to always be doing something to help me get where I want to go. Self-improvement, efficiency, organisation, responsibility.

Dawn of Heaven - rose quartz earrings - antique buttons - artisan made - salvage bohemian bride

Dawn of Heaven 

And the funny thing is...I don't feel like I ever achieve any of it. Always the sensation of running in circles.Wasting time. I don't know where I'm going with this- but I'm supposed to share this crap and it feels rude to have a shop update post with no words in between, so...conclusion.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The light and the dust

Cave Sister - artisan earrings - hammered metal - smoky quartz - primitive modern

Cave Sister

Not a lot of action over here lately- making things, photographing things, listing things. I'm doing a lot of thinking and exploring, trying to figure out what I want my world to be. I have a feeling next year will be so very, very important and amazing and I am compelled to make sure I'm ready for it.

prarie seeds - romantic rustic earrings - mother of pearl bone and wood - primitive eco friendly jewelry

prairie seeds

At the very least it will be better than this one, which started with me coming home from hospital to a world I no longer recognised...and that theme has rather stayed. It is astounding the sort of things one can learn in counseling- though we've not discussed the accident much at all, we have plumbed deep the abyss of my life and found some amazing, eye-opening things.

Mars and Venus - rustic artisan earrings - eco friendly pink and red hoops - every day boho style

Mars and Venus

Ocean Relic - artisan earrings - found objects - mismatched style - eco friendly - salvage bohemian

Ocean Relic

I'm a big of a geek for psychiatry, I had a mind to study it once not long ago (I'm fixated on wanting to know why in so many things). Most people go to their therapy sessions rather begrudgingly- I go with a cheer! Every session is another window open, and the light pours in. (Which is nice, even if it shows up the dust.)

Crystal Archive - antique lace wristcuff - amethyst slabs - modern bohemian - tribal sci fi

Crystal Archive