Monday, November 30, 2009

Studio Shots

Three shots of the studio space-

(You think a few more things would be packed away being that I'm moving next weekend. It's the worst having to pack up the studio- you seem to need everything all the time! )

-and two new pieces in the shop. I started working on some even more cobbled together designs today, things are starting to look more and more haphazard, which is a good thing!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Moving House sale

New work ready to be listed

I'm having a sale in the shop, moving on a few pieces. It came upon me suddenly today, the combination of developing a new style of construction, moving house soon and a few other things going on in my life right now, I decided to get rid of some pieces that have been hanging around too long.

When the sale is over I'll be having a giveaway - it's been too long since my last one!

I tried to snag a Treasury the other day, it was almost there...then I got up to do something and forgot about it, and I missed out. D: So I dropped over to Poster Sketch (which is something alot of people don't know about) and made a pretend one. :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Clouds on the secret freeway

Thanks to the always gracious LuxuryMarleyProd, I have a beautiful treasury to be featured in, alongside such gorgeous company as sadieolive (possibly the most beautiful vintage shop on Etsy) and blackspot (who makes me want to not even bother making books, she's so marvellous)!

Treasury features my interstellar pyramid brooch.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

installing a comment reply system on Blogger

Having a blog is so wonderful, there's so many supportive people out there to help and encourage you on your path of choice. But it can be frustrating at times not being able to reply to comments- the dreaded 'no reply at blogger dot com'.

Leaving a comment on your own post is tricky because it relies on people clicking 'notify me of follow-up comments' which is rare, or going to everyone's blog and leaving a comment there with your reply. Tedium! (Not that I don't love going to everyone's blogs.)

So I did a little Googling and came up with a site called Intense Debate, which installs a comment system on your blog enabling you to reply to people who comment. I've fitted it here and since I chose the 'apply to new posts' (the 'apply to all posts' made it sound like all the existing comments would be lost!) it theoretically should work on this post.

So to try it out- let's have some questions! Anything you've ever wanted to ask me, you can do so here. If the new system works I'll be able to reply...if it doesn't I'll answer the questions in tomorrow's post, along with a special surprise. :)

And to make this post interesting, I've included pictures of the cutest little set of drawers I picked up in the local junk shop. It's made from cigar boxes with tiny antique keys for handles. I don't know how old it is (it's very clean so it could be new) but it's exactly my kind of thing. And for $12, you don't think about it for too long.

There had to be a white version.

Bleached Roses- while not as 'hardcore' as the previous piece, it's my attempt at experimenting with my evolution. Usually I make something that's so gosh darned awesome, then I try to make something along the same lines and it doesn't quite live up to the Alpha.

I made this one by simply picturing the dark piece in my mind, rather than having it in front of me. This (unsurprisingly) does not work. It's nice and I like it well enough (which in itself is a good sign) but it's not as pared back and...arcane as the dark one.

Mostly the colours are at fault here- its' not strictly a white version, there's bits of pink and lilac which gives it a prettiness that I'd honestly like to lose. Fancifuldevices and I have been talking about the problem of pretty in our work and how we'd both like to put a sweet little pitchfork in it's brain. I'd like to make the paler ones a little more fragile and wispy, like ghosts. At the very least get rid of the pastel tones. Everything else I think can work without being sugary.

Please don't think I have something against pretty, I don't! I just want a more Dickensian feel in my work. it's a contsant struggle. :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Blackened Bones

Gentle readers, I am pleased to introduce the first thing I've made for ages that I'm truly happy with.

Already I can see places I can take this to evolve the design. All I did was sit down and collect together a few random things that were in front of me, and it sort of...built itself.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dusty Roads

I've been plunged into thought again today when visiting the shop of fancifuldevices for the hundredth time. Her work is so powerful, and lately she has managed to accomplish what I cannot seem to get to- that ragged, severe and primitive look of 19th century hard-done-bys.


The trouble is (and has been for some time) that I don't find a great affection for most of the pieces I make. Sometimes the things on my desk and in my bead containers make me do a little dance because they're so awesome, but I'm happy to admit most of the time things come out either too fancy or to neat. I love the materials I have and the ideas they generate, but when I put them together, they just don't end up as I want them.

This is the stuff I've made over time that I love, that I would choose to represent my intended style- they're my favourite designs so far. Not my ideal on any level, but satisfactory:

Interestingly there are no cuffs in there- I looked through my archive and the only cuffs I could find that I'd be happy to put my name to these days are actually shots of the backs of cuffs.

But these images below are things others have made, things that I wish I'd made:

Francis Willemstijn

Sebastian Buesher

Babette Boucher

Rachelle Varney

Suzi Tibbets

Rebecca Purcell

I've tried a few times to clean out my supplies and only have around me the materials that I want to create with. I figured if there were only pure' things in my kit it would make it easier to make something I was happy with. The other day I starting thinking about my new collections- namely Victorian Artefact (19th century styles made to look as if they'd been found in an archaeological dig) and Evil Georgian- which is Georgian style fashion from a super villain's point of view.

But even when I clean out things I find myself landed with bits I can't seem to let go of. I can do something with almost anything, and i must have this conversation with myself:

+ ooh no, I can do something with that
- yes but it won't be the thing you WANT to make

+ but it'll look nice and someone will buy it
- but that's not the point! I'm an artist, I'm making what i like and I'm just lucky others like it too!

The problem is I've made things in my past just because people will buy them. but I don't like working like that anymore. I'm not a merchant, I'm not a fashion house. I'm an artist that makes art you can wear and occasionally art you can't wear (at least not without difficulty).

The struggle to create what's inside my head has never been harder- usually I give in to the process, let it go where it wants to take me. This time I feel I ought to instill some kind of discipline over it. It's hard for me as I've never been a disciplined person, prefering to go with the flow and let the universe provide (and it does, faithfully) but I wonder if a change in approach is needed in my work given that the usual attack isn't winning. I don't exactly look at my pieces and think 'what a load of crap' but I don't feel an overwhelming pride in them either.

Do I ask too much of my art? Is it reasonable to expect to be moved by everything I make, or is that just the romantic dream/nightmare of every artist?

I'll be moving house in the next couple of weeks, and when I'm settled in the new place I'll be learning new skills, namely soldering but hopefully pit-fired ceramics and Precious Metal Clay as well. Hopefully when I am able to actually sculpt some elements, things will come to form easier.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Interior Alchemy

Citrusfaire has this book listed in her Etsy shop right now- it's at the lowest price you could get this for, and it's a seriously good book. There are a few pics from it in this post. I'm spreading the word here because I know alot of you align to my personal style, and so does this book! Get if you can!

Soot and Cinders

A few Etsy favourites, showcasing the colours and textures I'm trying to develop in my work- ash, soot, cobblestones, blackboard slate and bone:

(visiting her shop is like going to church for me)

(I recommend viewing this image full size, the chest detail is heart-stopping!)