Monday, November 9, 2009

Bee Are Bee

Dearhearts, I must once again take leave of you! Back to my mother's house- I need to go see my doctor and Wednesday was the only day she could see me. Then there's an antique shop that's only open on Sundays that's having a half-price closing down sale, so of course I have to go to that. I am actually moving down there next month but it already feels like I spend most of my time there!

I shall be back in a week- the shop is still open, and you get free shipping to anywhere in the world while I'm away (from the 11th to the 16th). Sadly, the images of Dad's Patented Antique Eating shed will have to wait till I return! But they are nice. There will also be pictures from a recent visit to the museum to see a Jane Austen fashion exhibit.

Dear readers...I have gazed upon Mr. Firth's actual puffy shirt. The famous wet shirt. It was dry when I saw it, but still. Firth shirt. And pants and boots and jacket!


Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Have a great trip! I think that movie was Mr Firth's best role... although I must say that he was great in " Bridget Jones Diary." I watched P&P over and over... then along came the new version with Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. At first I thought no one could replace Mr. Firth, but I must admit that Mr. Macfadyen has grown on me... though my best friend still refuses to transfer her affections from Mr. Firth! LOL (:

Jen Crossley said...

Have a great trip.

The Rustic Victorian said...

I am looking forward to the photos of the museum and the shed. Ah,, you know, I understand. I hope it goes well, gives us some reorganizing considerations at the very least.
Welcome home!