Thursday, November 26, 2009

There had to be a white version.

Bleached Roses- while not as 'hardcore' as the previous piece, it's my attempt at experimenting with my evolution. Usually I make something that's so gosh darned awesome, then I try to make something along the same lines and it doesn't quite live up to the Alpha.

I made this one by simply picturing the dark piece in my mind, rather than having it in front of me. This (unsurprisingly) does not work. It's nice and I like it well enough (which in itself is a good sign) but it's not as pared back and...arcane as the dark one.

Mostly the colours are at fault here- its' not strictly a white version, there's bits of pink and lilac which gives it a prettiness that I'd honestly like to lose. Fancifuldevices and I have been talking about the problem of pretty in our work and how we'd both like to put a sweet little pitchfork in it's brain. I'd like to make the paler ones a little more fragile and wispy, like ghosts. At the very least get rid of the pastel tones. Everything else I think can work without being sugary.

Please don't think I have something against pretty, I don't! I just want a more Dickensian feel in my work. it's a contsant struggle. :)


The Rustic Victorian said...

I think it is very kewl in either palette. It seems the "cute" buyers are a larger audience. Put it up for sale and see what happens.

Edera Jewelry said...

Oh, wow, I like this (and the black version!) I've been working with a similar silhouette...I love the wonderful textures and colors and asymmetry on your designs, Penny!

septembre said...

both are STUNNING.... i like the strenght of the line and the fragility of the elements sewn on...i hope more are coming...

Jen said...

obviously eliminating any bits that contain pastels is the easy solution but what about tea staining those that you can't bear to get rid of? Or mixing up a bucket o'mud and dousing the finished product wiping off what you want and leaving what you don't?

Pretty is insidious. ;)

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Thanks guys!

Rustic- I put a link in the post, it's for sale!

Septembre- yes, many more are coming.

Jen- I've been discussing many ageing techniques with fancifuldevices lately, and tea/mud are on the agenda! :)

fanciful devices said...

A little pretty in your shop isn't bad. I have some pale beads I want to make into something or another. In the vein of your paler cuffs we were talking about. But the form of this piece is really nice, the outwardly fraying edges on either side. But you should invest in some novacan (sp?). You can use it inside, no prob.
In any case, I feel so proud when you mention me in a post!

Danielle Scott said...

Hello. I love both versions.For a wispy look you could try organza,silk paper, or thin yarns.Or laddered lace or crochet thats done in thin yarns.For a ghostly look maybe very pale greys,dirty blues maybe? i also adore your blog and check in daily after finding by chance(through etsy)I also like the structure of the piece it,s like a slender frame or armature that can be layered on and then hung round the neck.Beautiful. Have a great weekend.Danielle xo