Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shipping forecast

Short interruption to proceedings- no new jewelry or shipping of parcels until the 5th of May, whilst I do some family guff. The good news for you is Sparrowsalvage is having a free shipping deal- just enter the coupon code FREEBIRD and receive instant free shipping!

[coupon only good for sparrowsalvage- all my other shops are exempt.]

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

new stars in the sparrow salvage sky

Cassiopeia - salvage tribal necklace - vintage beads

Cygnus - salvage bracelet set - recycled glass beads - vintage shell bangle

Alpha Corvi - salvage hoop earrings - antique faceted glass beads

Monday, April 25, 2011

shop udate- Earring festival!

Asterion - vintage chain, enamel connectors, tribal buttons

Messier 2 - suede leather, reclaimed metal, vintage chain, glass beads

Omega Centauri - mother of pearl, vintage chain, hammered reclaimed bangle

Caldwell 63 - hammered indian bangle, kyanite, Tibetan mala beads

Alderbaran - hammered reclaimed metal, vintage chain, glass beads

Mesarthim - vintage chandelier drop, found objects

Polaris - reclaimed tribal plates, moonstone, rose quartz, sugilite


Some recent beauties in the shop- went a bit nuts on earrings this week! I'm back on my space kick again, this time with more of a tribal edge that last. I've a lot of random thoughts on the subject which I shall leave for another post, I'm also working on a post about improving photos and another one about the importance of the right materials! What a wealth of waffle valuable information I am!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Peeking round the corner

spirit in the woods - salvage necklace - antique buttons - reclaimed beads

the north - modern salvage earrings - hammered metal - antique buttons

dust in the wind - salvage bangle set - antique fob charm


Apologies on my quietness of late- I'm working on a big project, which I shall reveal to you later, hopefully tonight. In the meantime I have some exciting news, I shall soon be in a book!

The lovely Olga Bennett who came to photograph my studio last year has collected her beautiful photographs into a publication celebrating the soul of artist's studios. You can pre-order the book on her Big Cartel website and also see a glimpse of what lies within. I also recommend visiting her portfolio to enjoy the rest of her soft, elegant work.

Thank you Olga, I am most excited!