Monday, May 5, 2008

Rust never sleeps

The front page of Etsy was lovely today, I'm glad I caught it! (click to see bigger)

'Sally In the Woods'
a new wrist cuff ready for listing tonight; hand-dyed crochet scraps, vintage sequin-sprinkled netting, custom-dyed eyelet lace trim, Victorian medieval style button, vintage embellishments, 1930s coat lining.

The costumes of A Series of Unfortunate Events (I love the production design in this entire movie- oh to live at Olaf's mansion!)

'Savoy' by Langley

'Shady Lane' by Midwinter

1970s-1980s farmhouse kitchen style. None of the gingham and raffia, all of the iron and stone. I especially love the second plate with the cow parsley; silhouettes of trees and dried grasses are really getting to me lately- I can't shake the feeling and nor do I want to, there's something comforting in it that echoes my early childhood.

One more thing- a new discovery- They have the most amazing online database of house available for filming, the rustic/ruined/abandoned locations are absolutely breath-taking.

One house I have fallen in love with I have dubbed Greenhall Manor.

I love looking at this site (and haven't finished exploring it by half) but I must admit I cannot drift around it for too long without my heart breaking at these gorgeous old houses going to wreck and ruin. I know they cost a king's ransom to heat (though a few solar panels on the roof would solve that!) and upkeep- I just hope whoever owns them is using the location fees to ensure that the house never actually crumbles, despite it looking so. That would be my perfect house.


High Desert Diva said...

I loved that front page treasury, too!

This Location Works site looks fascinating!

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing the Etsy page....I absolutely love that kind of photography.

I've been reading your blog for a month or so, and wanted to thank you for all of the inspiring images you post; your design aesthetics touch a common thread that runs through my blood, as I appreciate so much the modern applications of vintage details of the past. I especially enjoyed the results of your recent fabric dying endeavors...your photos are absolutely beautiful!

Best of luck with your new living environment!

stacy said...

The front page of etsy looks incredible. I love it.

brookeahanadaily said...

I adore rust too - oh the lovely patina. I also love your name "Little Brow Sparrow" - I've had two pet sparrows - the best pets ever!

thealteredpage said...

Thanks for the Etsy capture and the link to Location Works. Great visual inspiration.