Friday, February 6, 2009

Back in the saddle

Update in the shop- Love in Idleness

Despite the heat of the Australian summer still riding high in the saddle, I've been trying to work on some things about the house- getting my new bedroom all set up (pictures coming) and work desk under control so I can start making things again. I haven't made any art for over 2 weeks now, it's starting to feel like I'm living a different life. I like the life where I'm making things. :)

I've given up trying to learn the new camera until the weather is cooler and I can get a more level head! I'm back on my old camera now, there was a memory card in the discount bin at the supermarket last week- perfect timing really as the card I was using is at Death's door- you can't get more than 1 image on it before it's full. And that's a small image! Now I can take over 300 of the really giant size!

Finished pieces (finished long ago!) ready for the shop- these will all be listed in the next few days. New stuff- yay!


Anne, Bulles dorées said...

wow fantastic pieces !!

RowanDevoe said...

These are fabulous! I love these photos are great too. I was so frustrated with my new camera-it lasted forever! I am finally getting used to it-heat would have made it impossible. Wishing you all the best and can't wait to see photos of your rooms!
Take care!

Vicki said...

Not only are your works of art gorgeous, your photography is wonderful as well. Love your blog. Keep creating.

Sophie Appleby said...

Your new pieces are amazing! Can't wait for you to list them, I've had my eye on one of your cuffs for ages. Very exciting! Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
Sophie x

ArtSnark said...

great pieces & love the middle photo

emma lamb said...

looking fabulous, i love your depth o f colour... :)

Beth said...

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Beth & Susan