Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brain like a Bugatti Veyron

My heartbeat was raised this morning when I saw the new post on forestbound:

I love this girl's world- her purity is so inspiring to me, a sea of calm in the most lovely derelict and muddy hues. It inspired me to go on a Google hunt for unfettered Georgian interiors.

I'm having a down day today. The last week has been a whirlwind of energy and activity, getting things done and tidied and sorted. While that is all well and good, the shadowside of manic periods is that you get these days like today- flat, lethargic and moody, while inside you're churning to do more things. Go places, see people, take photos make collages, think, write, think think think...all trapped inside the brain.

I've added the last of the jewellery related items to the old shop now- from here on in everything wearable will be in the new shop. The old shop will now become art and photography. I have some collages to upload that I finished last night- they're so fantastic I'm going to have a hard time getting rid of them! I'll show them next post.

Arg- I'm so behind on posts, I try to keep it to one a day (a headache prevented me from posting last night) but I have so much to show you and talk about. As you can see, the manic is still inside, even if the body has to rest.

All images but the first are from Princelet Street- a nearly all-original building in Spitalfields, one of my favourite areas in darling Londontown. Go to the 'information' section to find a link to hi-res versions of their images.


Lost in the Forest said...

Such beautiful interiors...I let out a little sigh when seeing forestbounds creative apace..
I live in a beautiful old flat, with coving, cornicing and big windows, unfortunately it comes with rented orange pine furniture & brown carpet which tends to distract from the nice bits!

Becca said...

Beautiful! All the more reason to finally make the trip "accross the pond". I have been bugging my husband to take me! I am going back for a second look at all of the pics. gorgeous post.

Heather said...

These rooms are beautiful. Remind me of that gorgeous house in Pride and Prejudice...I loved the look of it.
Cant wait to see what all you have to share!~

RowanDeVoe said...

Wow, these are amazing! Just amazing. I am so glad I never gave in and kept all my "old and chippy and messed up wood and metal stuff" which I call FURNITURE! These interiours are just fantastic. And, I can't wait to see your recent jewels and then your collages! That will be something so new and fantastic!

Meg said...

OH- that is so me! Dark, chippy paint simplicity. I feel I have been courted by all the shabby chic pinks and betrayed my first love!