Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Are the shaman and the artist so different?

Things are already coming together, paths crossing back and returning to where I left off. My obsession with space and futuristic designs shows no sign of slowing down, though it has mellowed to a point where I am able to calmly sort what comes into my head and assign it to it's rightful place in my internal thinking. Tribal elements have quickly developed as a kind of bridge between the future and the 19th century. There's a very interesting seed of thinking in the realisation I had today, that futuristic design made shabby and decayed has a very strong tribal appearance about it.

When geometric shapes are smooth, white and polished they have a very Star Trek feeling. When those same shapes are dirty, roughly textured and hand-drawn they become very ancient in feel. It makes me think of all the theories that the Gods in most mythology are just extra-terrestrial beings- I read a report the other day that there is substantial evidence to suggest diamonds are formed from 'seeds' carried on crashed meteors when the world was still young, since there would not have been enough sufficiently rottend vegetation to have them form the way we think they do.

This was made all the more interesting to me when I found out that the ancient Romans believed diamonds to be star-shards or tears from the Gods. Not too far from the truth perhaps. This is coming along in my mind with the growing fixation I have for hexagons, pyramids and crystal points. I'm starting to feel like Indy!


Anything Goes Here said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with out of this journey!!!! xo Joan

ArtSnark said...

sounds like a fun trip

RowanDeVoe said...

how cool! it all makes sense to me! what is old is new, what is new is old! we are going in a cirlcle. i am glad that your brain is letting you create a bit and not bombarding you with ideas-the quiet after the storm!