Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Firstly and Secondly

A treasury! A seriously lovely one, curated by oldstuffnewlife who creates extraordinary jute jewellery.

Love all that raggedy wonderful! It reminds me to hint to you that I'm working on some clothing at the moment with a definite Stevie Nicks/Havisham feel. All shall be revealed in time...

Second up- I've been blessed with another reward- The Premio Meme Award! The lovely Lisa from Cecil and Co has tagged me to write 7 things about my personality and then pass on the award to 7 more bloggers, in the hope they choose to do the same. So here we go:

1. I almost always throw away the instructions for something when I buy it, thinking 'I don't need those...! They're for stupid people!'- only to fish them out of the bin 5 minutes later when I (unsurprisingly) can't figure out how to work whatever it is I'm using.

2. Six months ago I used to be so anxious about leaving the house that I would do everything I could to avoid going out. But now- it's gone. In fact the only time now that I get annoyed about having to leave the house is because I would rather stay home and tinker about on my hobbies! I know the biggest reason why this changed, but I'm not telling anyone what it is because it's a little bit dorky and rather embarassing. So there. :P

3. When I was a kid I used to believe I had special powers. Even now I can tell time without a clock, make it rain (and stop), secure car parking spots, make the wind blow harder and get flies to leave the room.

4. I am terrified of wells, falling through cracked ice, and something else that scares me so much I can't even bring myself to type it out. Suffice to say Poe shared my horror.

5. I'm not much of a sweets person, I'd rather have seconds/thirds of what we had for tea, or maybe some cheese. It's rare that I want something sweet, and if I do it's usually more of an afternoon tea thing and even then it's probably lemony.

6. I can play the guitar- bluegrass and early folk melodies mostly. I'm good enough to do something with it but I don't expect I ever will. It's more of a self-amusement.

7. I collect scissors, union jack flags, ridiculously huge keys and things with old ships on them. I'm not the sort of collector who will buy something just because I collect it though, the actual object really has to speak to me. It's probably more of a predilection than a collecting habit. :D


RowanDeVoe said...

i love that treasury! and, i love your description of havisham/stevie knicks clothing-fantastic idea!

love your 7 answers too-so interesting! so glad i know you as you are so very cool! now, i need to know your secret to getting out, want to run out and find union jacks, old big keys and ships for you and make some lemon bars with powder sugar to drink with some strong tea for a little fancy blue grass tea party-wee hoo!

p.s. my donkey rosebud shared your fear of cracks in the ice-winter was so hard for her and i so wish i could carry her over any icy patches but there was no way-she weighted 400 pounds-she would lean on me to the point that she wanted me to carry her though! i think i can carry you if you need me to though!

Courtney said...

You're afraid of ravens that say "nevermore"? :)

I'd love to come sing while you play... I'm good enough to do something with it, but probably never will as well :)

Lost in the Forest said...

Make that another award x2 :)

I have awarded you the Lovely Blog Award...check my post for info

Re:form said...

Finding parking spaces what a cool power, you'd make a mint round here,
Lovely insight

Chrisy said...

Gorgeous treasury...but the list held even more booty...
ps you must tell us the dorky secret to getting out and about..

Ahipara Girl said...

I think I want to be your friend. I dress in dyed clothes, I handstitch everything, I love bluegrass and I love dark stuff but love life too. I have a ridiculous amount of stuff I have collected. Not vintage, just aged and worn and tired and so beautiful to me. I am gonna get me a coffee and have a good read today and peruse ur flicker. I think you are a woman after my own heart.