Monday, October 19, 2009

Inspiration- Star Wars costume exhibit

Female Tusken raider. You'd know the Tusken better as 'sand people' - I have a childhood rooted fear of the sandpeople, it took me a few minutes to get up the moxy to stand near them! I love the headdress detailing on this costume though, the metalwork contrasting with the rough linen- genius.

A Wookiee! So tall. Seriously- t.a.l.l. I love tall people/giant creatures, but this guy was about 8 foot tall. I literally stood there with my mouth open. This is a chest piece on the Wookiee, it's around eye height. :D

If I have to tell you what this uniform is, you shouldn't be on the internet. :D

I can't help it- when I look at these things, all I want to do is grab a whole bunch of model kits and put together my own. As it is, I'm wondering how I can incorporate this into my jewelry work.


RowanDeVoe said...

ooh, how cool! we had some star wars costumes and one of the smaller planes(?) ok, i have no idea what it was-some kind of air craft at the museum where i used to work. it was for the first of the new star wars movies and we also had 2 of the costumes-it was when anakin was a little kid so i have to make his little kid mannequin, dress him and make his wig(it was my first time giving a 'boy' hair cut and i was so nervous as the real little kid was coming to see it! i also dressed his sister's costume and made her wig as she was an extra in the movie too!). it was so fun and i got to give them and their mom a tour of the exhibit and they gave me a thumbs up! whew! we also have natalie portman's fighting outfit-it is so tiny i think a 10 year old girl could fit into it! yikers! i seriously love all this stuff even if i can't name every piece!

Chrisy said...

Well if anybody can honey you can!