Friday, January 11, 2013

Moving forward

Brave - assymetrical earrings - artisan made - hammered metal - kiwi jasper - eco friendly

sun shaman - citrine crystal necklace - charm cluster - opera length chain - romantic tribal

So many things! I update the shop and forget to tell you. I'm a bad blog mother.

the light supernal - recycled hoop earrings - hammered metal - reclaimed eco friendly jewelry

cradle of the moon - recycled hoop earrings - hammered metal - reclaimed eco friendly jewelry

Lots of pale rustics goin' on- getting into really elemental stuff; driftwood, raw stones, hammered metal. 

Energy - long dangle earrings - clear quartz crystal - silver chain - tribal sci-fi

Nature - mixed beads hoops - earthy statement jewelry - tribal gypsy

I amaze myself sometimes, what can be made with reclaimed and secondhand materials.

Honey - eco friendly chain earrings - reclaimed vintage - hammered metal - modern gypsy

such wonders - mismatched earrings - quartz crystal stacks - seedpod - rustic primitive

Love these! the raw stacks of quartz, recycled glass, a seedpod from England. Mismatched is the business.

Eye of the sky - bohemian rustic earrings - hammered metal - crystal quartz - modern gypsy

The free shipping deal in the shop has been extended til January 19th, cause I felt like it. That's how I roll! 

Dad is a crafty type as some of you may know, so he has work tables and tools and interesting useful things all over the house. This bench is on the back porch and was set up to restore a stained glass window- since he'd finished doing that, I laid claim to it, cleaned it off and set up my 'messy bench'. So I can hammer and carve and solder and tin snip and Dremel and heat gun as much as I like. This is a shot from the first 24 hours, it's been about a week now so obviously it looks nothing like this now!

It's only a little cottage and once I get everything else in my room, then a desk for the computer, a desk for shipping, a desk for the rest of the jewelry construction goes on the bed- on a board with velvet over it. It's a bit annoying as I have to pack it away every night, but in other ways it's good, it gives me a challenge to get stuff finished everyday, to make it worthwhile setting it up in the first place!


Beatnheart said...

just love seeing how and where you the arrangement of stuffs in the last work looking stellar.

artistic rejuvenations said...

the layout is very cool to see. xoxo

Jackie said...

Penny, as always your work is fabulous! I love the new pieces, as always very inspirational. Your pictures are so beautiful, and I love the new work area, wise move to claim it. It's been a while since I've written, have a kickass new year!!
...Jackie xoxo

Jiorji said...

bahahaha!!! i was thinking "wow her studio table is too neat. How does she do it??!!"

then i actually read the info and much does a tidy up work table actually last? i don't even bother sometimes.

Kimberly said...

What an exciting new batch of stuffs. I don't know which I like better, my messy table or tidy table. i think the messy is more photogenic.
Cradle of the Moon...most definitely winners.
I'm not allowed to send shells to Australia am I? I have some amazing worm tube exoskeletons to share.
Let me know and I can send out before our international shipping doubles this month.

richelle said...

I love all the crystal you've been using lately. I did some laying-out-stuff-working-on-the bed kind of deal last summer when we were travelling for a couple weeks and it was a dreadful mess. I was finding beads everywhere. But yours looks much more tidy and intentional.

Diana said...

Always beautiful and inspiring--your work never fails to amaze! Wishing you all the best in your new home and workspace!

fanciful devices said...

man, i need some of this laid-out tidiness. everything looks so soft and pretty. the 1st pair are my most favorite, clever mismatching makes my heart sing.