Saturday, February 22, 2014


Much to my darling Wildthorne's delight, I am now on Instagram! Go find me, my hipster minions.


Wildthorne said...

Yay! And your feed is so pretty, sigh your photographs are golden. <3 thank you for sharing them.

fanciful devices said...

looks amazing. why come every time i click an instagram link it comes up blank tho? and that after all these beautiful pix there's wayne and garth at the bottom?

Sparrow said...

@fanciful devices I don't know...must be your computer, Flash needs updating or something. I used to be able to see stuff there before I was a member so it can't be that. And Wayne and Garth are there because I like the duality of romance and pop culture. They both have a part in nostalgia I suppose.