Monday, February 25, 2008

Inspiration can come from anywhere, without notice- or with excessive effort. Sometimes I just sit on Google image search, type in a few random words and see what comes up.

Search term: 'antique clothing':

Barbara Neri- Asolo 2000
(23" diameter circle)
mixed-media assemblage:
lace, antique carte de visite photograph of Robert Browning,
pressed leaves with text.

Image search term: 'Dickensian alleyway'

It's unclear what this is- I think it's an Edwardian map of the Strand in London. from the NCR (National Cash Register) website.

Search term: 'moth dust'

A moth emerges from it's cocoon- from the blog kozmicdreams.

Google search term: 'dustbowl clothes'

Even though I searched for clothes, I still somehow came up with this! From a photo gallery of the work of Robert Polidori, from Dissent Magazine. The gallery is no where near as big as what I would like, but there's no mention of a book or anything else. But- as the magic of the universe will do- a Google image search on his name provides plenty of visual fodder.


High Desert Diva said...

Love the images you posted.

Your search results are similar to what happens when I try to find something on Etsy!

Robyn said...

I do that too...type a few random words into Google image search....and have discovered quite a few worthwhile links.