Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Inspiration- the chaos of the earth; there are faeries in the attic

Marci Zelmanoff - mixed metal brooch, via Silver Huntress

Today's dye pot adventure was navy blue, with a dollop of chocolate brown. Results rather darker than I hoped, but they're still wet so it's possible in the morning they'll be a lighter shade.


willow said...

This third one reminds me of a piece I made way back in my college days in a jewelry design class. I haven't thought of it in ages...wonder if I still have it?

I love your blog, BTW. I'm over here by way of Robyn's place.

Sweet Repose said...

To be brave enough to wear such beauty, Iowa is just not the place to experiment with fashion...too many rednecks...but perhaps in the attic with my faeries.