Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Real Deal

Well all this hammering and rusting of perfectly innocent metal objects is all well and good, but sometimes a girl has to have the real thing now and then, so I've purchased a small number of items from a metal detectoring chap in the UK, and they arrived the other day. I've scrubbed them, photographed them and am part-way through researching them.

Mostly it appears to be 17th and 18th century, which people don't seem to care much about in England, judging by prices. They're all mad for boring old Romans. I've always had a hatred of the Romans, ever since I was a really little kid- I think it's a past life thing.

I just can't get over that the little tiny ball charm thing (next to the buckle on the lower middle) is a Tudor period button. So tiny to have lasted so long, laying secret in the ground all these years.

This is a shot of my studio shelf where the thimbles live- I was going to make the smaller ones into earrings but I can't bear to mess with them, so they'll just sit along there like good little soldiers. The round-top ones are 18th century, the flat-tops are 19th.

And we have a new arrival in the shop- one of the first 'Elizabethan ghost' pieces- In the company of the dead.

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