Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Scores

I went to a flea market with my Dad yesterday- I came home with a few cool pieces, as well as ouchy sunburn and a sprained ankle -which probably wouldn't have been as sore today if I hadn't walked/limped around on it, but you can't keep a junker down!

Victorian/Edwardian cash tin, still with the top tray! I'm a sucker for these but it's hard to get them at a reasonable price. This one was cheap because the lock barrel was removed- if the seller had just figured out that all he had to do was slip it back in place and screw it in (with the screws that were in the bottom of the tin...) he could've charged more. His loss!

Tourist necklace from Tunisia (I think?) circa 1930s-50s. I don't know what's it's made of, maybe some kind of paper clay- it's quite lightweight but has that perfect ancient look I'm wanting lately!

Amaaaaaazing star-shaped crystal plates from vintage chandeliers- I've never seen these before, anywhere! I'm keeping one for a bold necklace and the rest will go into the supply shop.

Sterling silver zodiac charm bracelet, circa 1960s/70s? If anyone has any idea on the age of this I'd be really gratefiul. I'm thinking 60s/70s as the zodiac was a popular theme back then, but it could be older. The quality of the charm's design is stunning. They look to have been cast with the lost wax technique- if you look at Aries you can almost see it as a tiny model, sculpted by masterful hands. (click the pic, it'll get bigger!)

They have some gold rub to them- at first I thought they were silver plated but the gold parts are on the sunken areas, which means gold's been rubbed off- so they were gold plated? They're not stamped anywhere but the chain has a sterling tab.

I also saw some lovely vintage cars...

and ended the day with an early bird Easter egg- because I love easter eggs!! I don't care what anybody says, they taste different to regular chocolate, especially when you keep 'em in the fridge. And I love their coloured foils.

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