Monday, November 7, 2011

stuff and things

bloggin bloggin, I ain't no good at it lately! My head's full of higher things. Here's some new shop stuffs!

Patience - artisan jewelry - bohemain bangle set - handmade beads - yellow jade

Patience - this sold about 10 minutes after I listed it, I kinda knew it wouldn't stick around. Such gorgeous soft colours and every stone is just beautiful.

Serenity - painted tin, bone and sandalwood. These feel really calm- I had a total zen-out while making them. I think it's the carved sandalwood beads, they have a wonder about them; imagine the process involved in getting such a tiny thing to look so engineered.

good fortune - artisan metalwork earrings - reclaimed vintage - orange and green

Good fortune - mismatched central! These are so different from each other but because of the shape and the colours, they work. Also they have that unifying element in the bead stack.

Universal - rustic mismatched earrings - hammered metal - reclaimed vintage - antique buttons - organic jewelry

Universal - nice and wonky, with a couple of Victorian buttons in the mix. Buying buttons is a sort of mediation you know, it's easy to zone out with a mug of earl grey in one hand and the scrolling function enabled on your mouse. And with eBay's option to list 200 results a time, scrolling feels endless! It's lucky I have the supply shop to put the unwanteds in cause no one wants to buy cruddy buttons (sellers assume) so they hide them in mix lots! Silly sellers.

Fertile ground - cluster charm pendant - reclaimed and vintage elements

Also I've started listing some pendants I made a million years ago (approximately). They no longer suit the style of work I'm going for, but since they're all so nice and tidy it seems silly to undo them all for supply destash, so I'm listing them as ready-to-wear pendants. You can even buy them to use in your jewelry projects!

All the names are coming from keywords of recent lessons and themes - patience, serenity, good fortune, universal... connections and observations. I'm an artist, I can do that.


Jackie said...

Penny, this is the third time I've tried to comment, not sure what's going on. I'll try again...your talent is amazing, I'm loving all of your new pieces...especially the Universal and Serenity earrings. I just can't wait to see your head full of higher things! The colors you used on the bracelet. Awesome stuff!!

...Jackie xo

Chelsea said...

Ohhhh, I love your Good Fortune earrings. There's something about the combination of colors and textures and the not-alikes-but-just-enough-alike. You are a talent and a joy. (Which is, I kid you not, what my college buddies and I used to say to each other. I can't remember how that started . . .)

fanciful devices said...

i totally missed the gorgeous bracelet! gonna go to yr sold section to poke around.

Petra Carpreau said...

What on earth have I been buggering about doing, when I could have been discovering you and that scrumpet Fanciful D in your beautiful bloggy worlds! Your work is acheingly gorgeous, and I'm learning some valuable lessons from you both, even if they are poking me in an uncomfortable place! Patience - yes indeedy.
By the way, have you read John Seymours big self-sufficiency tome? It makes you want to go out and do some double digging!
Thank you for sharing yourself so generously here - I'll enjoy popping in for a gawp.
Petra x

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

As usual your work is a complete delight to my mismatched soul! (My mom sewed me a bunch of little matching short sets when I was a kid and I refused to wear the pieces together. And being as though that was the 70's I am sure my choice of pattern combinations were exciting to say the least. Drove her crazy!) Love the Good Fortune earrings especially but all your pieces are fabulous!

Anonymous said...

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