Tuesday, November 1, 2011

odd socks

Trembling earth - mismatched earrings with shell and clay. Love the mismatched look, it's got a lot of that whole 'found bits' thing I need to have in order to be vaguely satisfied with my work.

poetic spirit - more mismatching, this time only in the middle. Lately it's more about getting similar elements to co-exist in my work, rather than match neatly. I have some earrings to put up later tonight - or your morning...

...that have a great sense of co-habitation. It's all about the colours and the shapes- if you can get those things in line, it really doesn't matter what else you use to build it.

tribal echo 3 by Mia Montgomery, who is probably the queen of mis-matched earrings on Etsy (certainly the prettiest photos of such, too!) You can see in these ones above by keeping the circular shape to the elements and the colours down to two-and-a-metal, it works really well. Also the little bead in the ring on the right echoes the pattern of the large bead on the top left.

These fabulous creatures are by rockdarbi - another really simple method of mis-match; using two exact shapes in different colours, just highlighting each with the other.

Fanci of course is always coming up with the goods on the unexpected- these glories echo each other by having one chandelier crystal match the other's rosary medal.

pretty mis-matched china votives by BlondieBlu

There you go, there's a quick lesson in getting mis-matching right. Didn't expect that huh? Me either! And because I didn't expect it, I couldn't plan it, and I couldn't get anal about it, and have it end up taking me 39389 years to do, which my upcoming (oh God not that again) photography tutorial is clocking up in a similar time scale. It is coming, I promise! Along with the props tute. I'm trying to fit them both in the same post in an effort to stop me going on and on about them and providing many deliriously interesting details you don't really need.


Alice said...

It took me a while to appreciate asymmetrical jewelry, and even then I only used it in necklaces or bracelets. Just recently I have become to love the look and the challenge of mismatched earrings.

Yours are just beautiful! As always, I love the unique components you use in your jewelry.

Heidi said...

What an exciting idea! I absolutely adore the ones by Mia Montgomery - but then those two colors together are probably my favorite combo ever. I love what you've done with yours too. This might just be something I'll have to try.

Spirited Earth said...

thanks for sharing these fabulous designs..i love asymmetrical earrings..i'm just not very good at doing them..

fanciful devices said...

OMG-I totally never noticed those earrings... which i made... the crystal matches the other's rosary center.... wow.

amth13 said...

I love mismatched earrings too, but I'm a really big fan of mismatched china, it looks so much more appealing than a staid perfectly matched dinner service.

Gardanne said...

Love this post, I can't believe how much I have evolved jewelry style wise since I started following blogs like yours and of course Miss Fanciful. What appeals to me now is not as "safe" as it used to be.
One of my customers at a show last weekend was choosing to mismatch my enameled wings for earrings, glad this style is catching on.

Shel said...

love this! and the photos are amazing as well.