Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Strolling through

Memory - crochet wrapped crystal cuff

Dear me, I do leave such gaps between my postings! I am quietly working away (mostly in my own head, though I do spend quite some time on Pinterest lately, as it suits my style of mass input of imagery with little communication involved. I'm not a shy person, just recently not very...communicative. I'm sure by this time next month my brain will have adopted a completely different method and you won't be able to shut me up. In the meantime, my mind boils and bubbles. Ideas. Thoughts. Theories.

Object - hammered 14g wire and mis-matched beads

Attempting to combine my photography style and my jewelry shop for a more cohesive look. As my pieces become more and more organic they sit better in a background of simple props than on layers of romantic paper. This is spoiling you somewhat for my coming-soon-er-or-later post on using props in your work. Hopefully I can get most of that written this weekend while I'm spending some time at a friend's house.

Prairie walker - reclaimed metal and magnesite

I've been feeling the fire engine red lately- just small nods of it; I find it gives a liveliness next to the sun faded colours I usually prefer. These earrings above have cotton wire on them, found in Jardindepapier's shop; I'm assuming it's old milliners wire, but it's perfect for getting that 'painted sketch' look I'm after. I've used it in other projects to a more obvious effect, but those still lay half thought out on the desk. Bubbling away.


Alice said...

I've been wanting to find some old wood for my jewelry but haven't had the time to go hunting for it. I love this look just as much as I did your layered paper look.

FABULA said...

Love your work and always look at your photos on flickr and Etsy. You should teach us all how to take such great picture as you do! Keep creating and posting!

Corvid Delights said...

Simply beautiful, I am loving this illustrative series of hand wrought wonkiness, texture, color and organic shape. How refreshing to see these photographs with their beautiful props side by side, beats the hell out of plain grey barn wood.

Chelsea said...

Prairie walker is so yummy; I love the flashes of bright color I'm seeing in these pieces.

And bring on that tutorial!

amth13 said...

Loving your work and photos, can't wait for you next tutorial, I found the last one really helpful

jet1960 said...

Trying to do better about commenting instead of always lurking as I have on your blog for awhile now. I love all of your jewelry, every single thing I've ever seen that you have done is awesome!