Thursday, October 6, 2011

pretty junk

Painted - using raw amethysts sent to me by Corvid, these earrings show my very first attempt at punching my own bead caps! I'll show you more of them in another post, but I left em not-so-dapped in these earrings so they'd stand out.

faith hope love and luck - using a beautiful ceramic pendant by boonepottery. I love the colour scheme in this one, sage green and wheat.

Insignia - pink Peruvian opal, another gift from Corvid. I painted the red bits myself! Gosh I'm clever. The purple n white ones are from missfickle who really gets a huge credit for sending me some extra stuff, it's been the catalyst for my new style.

Rainmaker- earrings that came out of my head that are very Fanci. She laughs when I say stuff that cause she usually says she got the idea from me! So they're inspired by what fanci makes when she's inspired by me. Like Chinese whispers but with metal. Yeah.

wonkaville - brooch using one of the mysterious buried buttons.

love token - super-pretty shoulder dusters with stick pearls and numinosity's pink lampworks.


In other news, my Dad (65) has discovered the internet, and of course- eBay. He's been ringing me up constantly giving me item numbers to look over and bid on for him. I've expressly forbid him from bidding on his own because it's dangerous- he can't even work emails yet! But he can search ebay and talk to my brother on Skype. He is a bit over-excited at 'how much stuff the Americans have' and how cheap it all is- yesterday's bargain was kerosene lamp parts that would've cost him a couple of hundred here, but he got 'em for $30. So you can see, I have to keep an eye on him. He did get me to buy him some reproduction advertising signs which lead to me buying this:

So now I have to keep an eye on me as well, because we tend to both like the same stuff, and I go to things to bid for him and then I see things and it's all downhill from there. I need that sign though, truly. It will keep me motivated to knock off the waterworks, suck it up and just get on with gettin' shit done. Everyone needs a sign to mentally kick them in the arse. Plus I like wartime stuff.

Also today my 'mature age' postmaster was wearing a t-shirt with a dragon on it, and a bow tie. Which is awesome enough, but he also sports a huge white handlebar moustache and is the most flamboyant straight man I've ever met. I think he's a wizard.


Jenni said...

Your jewellery is wonderfully the love token and your terminology - "shoulder dusters"... will have to remember that one.The sign is a beauty.

Alice said...

Big sigh. Your stuff is lovely. I just want to run my fingers through it all.

I have to laugh about your dad discovering ebay. My dad has a computer but no internet. So he is relegated to playing solitare, or if he's lucky, printing out an actual typed document. Dad's a pack rat so it is a good thing he does not have internet.

British Faery said...

I love the rain maker earings! They are a beauty <3 And that sign is seriously awesome.
My Gran discovered the internet a year or so ago, She is also 60something, but is rather a whizz at it. She buys things from bootsales and resells them on Ebay!!
She is useless at everything else to do with a computer, which makes ME very confused!

NuminosityBeads said...

Lovely cool designs, I love the direction your pieces are taking. Looks as though you're having more than a bit of fun with it. I also must mention that your work inspires me as well. keep it up!
xoxo Kim

Annette F Tait said...

love your names for your new work!

and I had to laugh - my dad gets me to bid on stuff for him too! ha ha!! and he's in the same age group :)
I only ask one question - 'what's your maximum?'

hare coming soon - just taking a little longer than planned ..

fanciful devices said...

Beautiful! (and you can give me credit for anything you like.)
and 'how much time the americans have' made me spit lemonade.

stregata said...

Your new pieces are sensational!!!

teresa martin said...

is your wizardly flamboyant postmaster still about? and would he permit to having his photo taken and posted?

Penelope said...

Teresa that was a very long time ago! I don't live in that town any more, but I'm sure loads of people have taken his photo. ;)