Thursday, October 13, 2011

More pretties

Painted desert - painted wire and pink missfickle hoops which I squashed about a bit for a more organic shape. Kiwi jasper is so pretty, like turquoise and jade mixed together.

Pale Venus - missficklemedia rings (hammered slightly), painted vintage copper stampings (also hammered) and the most delightful little spiral shell beads that I found at the thrift. I can't help thinking of them as mermaid breasts!

Aztec Gold - vintage copper bezels, hammered flat and punched. Hammering does so improve things...

Light Warrior - the pendant on this was wrapped in wire and then -taking the basic principles of fanci's headpin tutorial- I dipped the top in UTEE to keep things all sealed up and pulled together, and detailed it with pigments and paint.

rust and rain - here's some more painted vintage tin; I love that the rust came through on this like speckled bird's eggs! These were so pretty all they really needed was a simple stack of 3 beads to be complete.

Here's a shot of some more painted tin pieces- it's very meditative making these, not just the cutting and sanding, but painting the tin before hand and watching the little speck of rust come through as the paint dries. I'm cutting them wonky on purpose; I want them to look like little watercolour drawings.

Oh and some of you want me to share the cookie recipe from an earlier post, I shall do that later!


Jackie said...

As always...I'm loving them! Those earrings are so wonderful. I'm always inspired by your work!

...Jackie xo

Diana said...

Lovely work!

Stephne said...

Your new banner is lovely, truely! I miss not dying, i seem to have gotten out of the habit, hope you are well. Stephne x

Corvid Delights said...

those painted tin pieces are truly beautiful. I love the wonkiness and rust speckles... they remind me of fragile pastel eggshells, this series is astounding. Pale Venus is so dreamy.