Sunday, October 2, 2011

The sun always shines on a sunday

Holidays are over- and there's three new things in the shop! (And more to come.)

Gobstopper - scrap doily brooch, I have more of these to come (though this is the only one with a tail)

Holy Mountain - Bollywood bangles and missficklemedia patina charms

Sketchbook - missfickle wire circles, hand cut tin scrap, Moroccan beads

I've been making an effort to do something new with my work; it's time to evolve and the sketchbook earrings above are the result of that. Working on the mantra 'make it look like a drawing', I'm trying to replicate every wonky edge, like one of my 'on the phone' sketches, which I should've thought to take a picture of. Oh well. You get it- they look like a drawing, yes yes?

The rings are from a box of random things missfickle sent me when I ordered some fixin's from her shop: much patina trinkets! This is only the smaller bits- there was wire and other stuffs too. It felt like Christmas going through them.

I went to a car show this morning- truth be told the lure was mostly baited with the words 'swap meet', though non-car junk was thin on the ground. I bought two knackered tins to cut up, but that's it. I did see some rather smashing cars though, and some really cute caravans all dolled up in appropriate gear.

The 1940s is SO the business. I'll blog more of them later when I fix the photos. Aside from the junk it was a good excuse to get out in the sunshine (first day in the last 4 that hasn't been rain-soaked!) and to flex my photography muscles.


Pretty Things said...

I love those Bollywood earrings and would wear them! Have to check those out if they're in your store....

amth13 said...

Lovin' that broach, and 1940's theme is really big over here in the UK. There's a great book called Glamping, got loads of gypsy caravans, teepees and eco tents with amazing interiors.

fanciful devices said...

is that a trailer? omg- too cute to live!
i dont know what the hell 'it looks like a drawing' means, but those earrings are beyond awesome. i adore them to death. and the ones right about them are in christmas colors! lots of color overall. i love it.