Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This Week in Pictures

Awwwwwesome beads from potterygirl1 - these little blobs are so sweet and creamy coloured..!

Vintage buttons bought from ingrandmasattic to use on textile cuffs and brooches

Gorrrrgeous Moroccan beads from Yvonnesjewels - they were sold as clay but they're stone.

Incredibly pretty ceramic pendant from boonepottery - I'm going to have to keep that pink heart one for myself!

Forget-me-nots by the garden shed

Jasmine by the garden fence

Happenstance layerings of antique paper and lace

earrings on the go

Finished pieces of jewelry waiting to be photographed and listed (soon!)

And a cake I made for Mum's birthday- first proper attempt at icing! Don't judge me. And this is as fancy as my food presentation is ever going to get. I caught a few minutes of Masterchef on the telly earlier tonight (I'm alright now, thanks) and it made me angry to see people dicking around with sauce in squeezy bottles and little wafers of shit. Just put the damn food on the plate and give it to me already! I hate pretentious food presentation. Almost as much as I hate it when people sift icing sugar over desserts. Am I still talking?


Jen said...

Just put the damn food on the plate and give it to me already! I hate pretentious food presentation.

SOME might say the same of photo presentations ... "just show me what's for sale dammit" ... ;)

Jackie said...

Yes, you are still talking and I love it! Your Mum's cake looks yummy, love the little flowers. I'm sure she loved it. I hope your vacation is going well, looking forward to your return!

Little Brown Sparrow said...

@Jen yeah all those crazy people that sell clothes and headbands, and I look at their pictures and think 'wtf am I supposed to be buying here, a woman in a junkyard?'

fanciful devices said...

goddamnit! your photos are so awesome i hate you!
and the cake! polka dot candles! It manages to have that country shabby vibe of you stuff- but thankfully less decayed and more kitchy cute.
seems to me those frosting flowers would involve a lot of dicking around with squeezy bottles, too. (doesn't sound right to use the word 'dicking' in conjunction with such a pretty cake, though.)

Little Brown Sparrow said...

@fanciful devices Yes but the flower dicking was done in a factory by someone else, so it doesn't count. Plus cakes are probably the only thing where presentation dickery is allowed. Unless it's Cake Boss level, that show makes me angry as well. I don't know why.

Maru said...

Lindo lo que haces.
Y ese pastel mmmm!!! rico

Un abrazo