Tuesday, September 6, 2011

inspiration - artisan jewelry

Since we've been doing a lot of talking about technicals and since the only pretty stuff I've shown you lately is my own work, I think we're long overdue to see some exquisite trinkets from our fellow genius Etsians. So here are a few of my latest favourites.

Time whisperer by lejonklou all the way over there in Sweden! I've noticed many Swedish shops have a a very ethereal style and this one's no different- gorgeous snow-pale hues and elegant serenity. Those beautiful little faceted pink beads are lucite! They look like perfect rhodonite. I love the shabby edge on the focal -which she made herself; I'm very jealous of anyone who can make their own glazed pottery beads. I think that and enamel are my two biggest envies.

The Noosphere by fancifuldevices- you know she had to show up so let's get her out of the way early, otherwise she'll fuss around up the back being noisy. Seriously though these are blowing my mind even more than her stuff usually does for me- again the big chunkies in the middle are lucite (I'm warming to this vintage plastic thing) and the contrast of super rustic stone discs and delicate lace is just superb. Are we surprised? No.

Desert Shaman earrings by papvier - I adore the rough tourmaline together with the soft downy feathers! The contrast of slick pure white teeth, rustic orange on the feathers and that chocolate coloured wire... delicious.

I don't know what this used to be called- it's called reserved now! I'm usually a bit scared of super-chunky things, being that I'm the sort of person who wears very delicate jewelry. This necklace from MorningDove...I'm in love! The giant slabs of chrysophrase are perfect focals for the natural rustic and antique tribal beads between them. There's something powerful about this piece- not just the bold style; there's a real power in the stones. (This is also a great example of complimentary backgrounds!)

Dewdrops by Stregata - again I'm all over the contrasting textures (I sense a theme). Rustic rich metal drops and creamy smooth shell beads, and then the little glow of the moonstone. Luvverly.

Rustic by Vintajia (an Aussie!) - the deep colours in the raku and glass are perfectly showcasing the fire in the copper. I love the way she's wrapped the hanging beads too, not your usual head pin situation. Inspiring! (inspiring is a great word to use when what you really mean is 'I'm totally gunna steal that idea'.)

Poison Ivy by beadsnbones who always does such gorrrrrgeous work. The greens here are intoxicating to me right now- all that gorgeous patina and ceramic hand-formed shapes. The little pink seed beads are to die for!! Great contrast to the sea green too.

Birch bark rose ring by Umbellata, with the most exquisite rustic metal bezel like lava stone, contrasting with the slick glassy resin. This is a serious ring, sitting up high on the hand. And a bloody good price too! I'd buy it but again- I don't wear chunky things and this is some serious chunk.

Last but certainly not least - Mauve feathers by CorvidDelights, a seller who is not only one of my bestest friends who I like, tell everything to and junk, but who's also evolving right before my eyes into some kind of bead-wielding enchantress. Her work was always fantastic, but now there's a divinity coming out of it. The grungy wire and black chain with the delicate pink is drop-dead awesome.


So you can see pretty strong themes here of rich earth tones especially green and amber gold, as well as the contrast of smooth and creamy with rough and rustic. This wasn't just a post to showcase some of my recent favourites, it was an exercise in what my mind is attracted to lately. I have tons of stuff in my faves that I could've shown you- but these were the things that jumped out at me. Looking at all this stuff my keywords that come to me are 'feminine but wild', 'pretty but rustic', 'pure but ancient'. Contrasts? In some ways. More unexpected examples of a type. femininity can be wild, pretty can be rustic, purity can be ancient.

There is often a significant lesson in these sorts of actions- the things you are drawn to always harbour clues to what you are currently seeking in your own world, creative or not. Sometimes (if you believe in that sort of thing) you can apply colour therapy to it. I know perfectly well why I'm attracted to pretty pink and dusty green right now, and I know what the smooth cream and rustic textures mean too. But I don't have to tell you every thing. :P

All images belong to the Etsy sellers represented


fanciful devices said...

AWWWWW! Thanks!
(And thanks for saying I'll fuss around up the back being noisy, whatever the hell that could possibly mean. lol.)

amth13 said...

Great post, been applying your photo tips, still on my voyage of defining myself. Love the birch bark ring and congratulations- just seen you on the front page.

stregata said...

Thanks for the mention - I am honored to be in such illustrous company. Several of my favorites represented here.

NuminosityBeads said...

What a nice collection. These are some of my favorite artists too. There's a little package headed your way. Who knows how long it will take to get there.
xoxo Kim

Corvid Delights said...

What an honor to be here, and in such good company. Thank you for sharing some of these favorites. I've discovered some wonderful new shops and treasures. I love the play on contrasts displayed and must also mention that you also do this quite well yourself... juxtaposing vintage elements with shabby textiles, and tribal hints. :) xoxox!

Alice said...

Just lovely, all of them! Today I was looking back at photos of jewelry I made and was surprised at the huge change in my creating style just four years ago. Back then my style was very simple, especially since I only knew how to string beads on beading wire. Just in the last year or so I've been adding texture and depth with artisan made components, as well as my own handmade chains etc. Like you, I'm envious of those who can make their own ceramic beads and enameled components. Maybe someday for me, but by then there will be that next big trend, and as usual, I'll be behind the times again.

Thanks for sharing your faves with us.

Riki Schumacher said...

I love all of those! But the ring really jumped out at me. Beautiful, earthy jewelry. Thanks. Riki

Greer said...

Thanks for including my earrings. Was a real surprise.
Gave you a thank you cooee on my blog

Jenni said...

I love every single one of these items! I love rustic...and chunky too and each one us so individually unique.
Thankyou for showing them to us.

Birgitta Lejonklou said...

OooH! this selection is so gorgeous with different patinas and structures...media..love them all! and thank You for including one of my whispers :) I do feel very honored

The Happy Peasant said...

Thanks for sharing some inspiration. Some of these are my favorites too. To me, there is magic and unfound ancient treasures in this tribal earthy jewelry. Right up my alley! ~Amy

BurmeseJade said...

Gorgeous! My favorites are mauve feathers,Birch bark rose ring and the time whisperer! Stunning pieces.

Petra Carpreau said...

What a stunning collection of beauties. I adore Stregata's use of those shells - just perfect. All those lovely new shops to go and goggle at! Thank you, Penny.

Petra Carpreau said...

I'm quite sure that my nomination will be the first of many coming your way, and don't feel that you have to accept if you'd rather not, but I'm bestowing upon you the Versatile Blogger award. You can find the details on my blog if you so wish - or just completely ignore it!!
Hope it makes you smile if nothing else!
Petra x