Saturday, September 17, 2011

Mail tiemz

I love getting things in the mail, and this week I received TWO presents from my fellow creatives!

This incredible stash of crystal beads from corvidDelights - those huge rose quartz chunks (the biggest one is about the size of a marshmallow) are beads!! They're drilled through! The spears were in her de-stash shop a while back and I always meant to buy them- they're even more amazing in real life.

I love the little pink druzy (between the amethysts) - that's going in my special collection on my bedside table, can't let that one go.

Then I got a lovely little package from Numinositybeads...

Headpins she's made herself! They're all pale pink and spotty and lovely, I can't wait to find something that's good enough to put them in! Sometimes I get supplies that are so awesome I get scared to use them, in case I ruin them with something terrible. Does anyone else get this? It's only these last few months that I've been able to crack into the 'precious' stash (after Fanci goaded me) and use things that are just way too divine to be bought down to earth in my crafty rubbish. :P (That's how I feel.)

Then, while traipsing about on eBay I ran into these curious critters:

The description for them read 'These anodised buttons along with hundreds of thousands of other various types of buttons ( no exaggeration ) were found buried under sheets of corrugated iron which in turn were buried under soil under the floor boards of a garden shed on an abandoned semi rural property.'

How cool is that!?! Under soil, under iron, under flooring! What a mysterious occurrence. Naturally stuff flike this gets me all in a frenzy of wonder, and I had to have them. I've never seen anodised buttons before, these are from the 1960s and will make great details on doily brooches and cuffs.


amth13 said...

Those buttons are a great find, love the palette. Very envious of all your gifts and I look forward to seeing what you do with these lovelies. I have to admit that I find it hard to cut up lace I always worry that I'll totally wreck it.

Jenni said...

Oh you got some amazing loot this week that's for sure! How funky are those buttons...and hidden for all that time. They are in great condition.

Corvid Delights said...

More shtuff to come from me soon, it is amazing how golden you get your light to look, sooo pretty ma'am. Love those buttons! How cool! Corrugated iron sure produces some beautiful hues.

fanciful devices said...

ok. those head pins? from numinosity? dear lord. are they gorgeous.

NuminosityBeads said...

I'm so glad they made it to you...and that you like them!
Hopefully when I get home from my big trip there will be satellite internet waiting for me and I can load some up in my store. Dial-up has been so frustrating.
Those buttons are amazing and I like that they have aged as they have.
xoxo Kim